What products and services do you provide? Are any unique or exclusive?

  • Based upon customer feedback and design input, AES manufactures standard and custom chambers, and service all brands of chambers.
  • For Example
    • SEMICONDUCTOR INDUSTRY our chambers help our customers like Analog Devices qualify, burn-in, and test their products.  
    • SALT SPRAY CHAMBERS are used to do corrosion testing. A high-fashion bag company uses them to test the coatings applied to the brass buckles.
  • Unique to our chambers is AES|XCHANGE, an operation, and data management dashboard, firmware that is built into our chambers. They are connected devices using cutting-edge IOT technology.  
  • Patent Pending 2018 technology, is a battery testing platform, known as AES|ATP.  The fixture fits into eight cubic foot test chambers to make cylindrical, coin cell, pack, and pouch battery testing efficient and easy to monitor.

What differentiates you from others in the industry, your competitive advantage.

  • Known as the chamber company that is easy to work with
  • Customers deal directly with us where many of our competitors use third-party manufacturer representatives or resellers.  
  • AES is nimble and responsive, often delivering quotes within hours
  • Our company culture is fun and that translates into customers wanting to work with us --
    • our customers, typically engineers, talk to our engineering department to develop a solution or troubleshoot an environmental condition, then we make that happen.
  • Leverage and love of technology
    • an advantage we have is the way we leverage modern cloud and IOT technology and platforms tech includes JSON, Restful API’s, Amazon Web services, and more

The history of your organization, year founded, etc.  

  • Founded 1959 in NJ, early 70s manufacturing moved to Lawrence and the Ayer, MA, high growth in 2015 moved to Acton, MA

Key executives

  • We don’t operate as individuals, we have an awesome team… from laser to firmware team members, they are all fantastic!  And it is not uncommon for floor production employees to attend engineering meetings to add insight to new or custom products
  • Senior team includes  Beran Peter, Aaron Robinson, John O’Rourke, Steve Munroe, Brock Kenyon, Pollyanna Sidell  

Key initiatives that are currently driving your growth

  • AES is a lean manufacturing company
  • Lean is a continuous process and a top initiative for us

Strategic growth plans?  

  • Headquartered in MA with a full manufacturing facility
  • In CA, there is a sales office, service team, and light manufacturing facility which has grown exponentially
  • Opened a sales and service location in MI
  • Expanding support and services across the nation, into Europe and Asia.  

Any exciting growth or changes happening within the industry

  • Energy Storage. Batteries still drive everything humans do and we are helping to create smaller, longer lasting, more efficient batteries.
  • ATP discussed mentioned above

Discuss the importance of the collaborative approach you take with your strategic suppliers

  • Purchase locally whenever possible
  • We work regularly to ensure we are incorporating the latest technological components to our chambers
  • ITAR steel requirements
  • Conflict minerals statement

Your economic impact, revenue, number of employees, subcontractors etc.

  • Privately held company with approximately 120 employees wide range of employees from skilled labor like welding to software development like our IOT team.
  • AES loves to hire interns at every level of the company.  every summer we hire 9-12 interns and we welcome interns to wishing to engage in co-op internships during the school year.  AES also has a generous tuition reimbursement for university credits and other learning opportunities.

What geographic regions do you serve, locally, nationally and /or internationally?

We sell nationwide and internationally.  

Facilities, offices, warehouses, storage yards = square footage or acreage, etc.  

  • Here we have two attached buildings nestled in the woods
  • 30 minutes outside of Boston.  
  • Two LEAN manufacturing floors
  • Open-concept office
  • Picnic tables, volleyball, and horseshoe courts open up to running and hiking trails that many of our employees take advantage of since we are a dog-friendly workplace.

What other types of equipment that you have or utilize?

  • Full in-house metal fabrication
  • With modern laser and powder coat facilities.