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July 15, 2020   •   0 minute read

Scientists Develop Cathode Coating To Extend Lithium-ion Battery life

pedot battery coatingResearchers at the U.S. Department of Energies Argonne National Laboratory have been working with Hong Kong University of Science and Technology to develop a new particle-level cathode coating for lithium-ion batteries meant to increase their life and safety. The new coating the team created is called PEDOT. PEDOT is an idea three years in the making scientists say is an incredibly exciting advancement.
Associated Environmental Systems knows how important testing is when it comes to every day devices, especially when these devices are in our pockets, hands, and near our heads when we are sleeping.
Cellphones are the most widely used hand held battery powered device today and they need to work and work safely! That is why companies work towards improving batteries everyday, and having the right test equipment is key. AES designs and manufactures 

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