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- May 06, 2019

Researchers to Help Develop Next-Generation Hybrid and Electric Vehicles

Pollyanna Sidell - Associated Environmental Systems

The Vehicle Technologies Office is spearheading an initiative to reduce the cost, weight and volume of the systems that power hybrid and plug-in electric vehicles, while also improving performance, efficiency and reliability.

Making integrated circuits out of the same silicon-carbide material opens the possibility of even further power density improvements by co-packaging the power electronics with the integrated circuits. This also promises greater resiliency and reliability than what is possible with silicon electronics.


Alan Mantooth, Lead researcher, Twenty-First Century Research Leadership Chair in the College of Engineering, and executive director of the National Center for Reliable Electric Power Transmission; Simon Ang, professor of electrical engineering; Fang Luo, assistant professor of electrical engineering; Yue Zhao, assistant professor of electrical engineering; and Juan Balda, University Professor of electrical engineering

Part of a large team, coordinated by Oak Ridge and Sandia national laboratories

National Center for Reliable Electric Power Transmission

Photo Credit: University Relations Alan Mantooth

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