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- Sep 02, 2019

The AES|XChange

Pollyanna Sidell - Associated Environmental Systems

Xchanges display on computer by associated environmental systemsThe AES|XChange is the culmination of months of hard work by our development team. The XChange allows users to control their chamber via a network connection and data log through the same connection. By being able to remotely run control the chamber, a user on the East Coast could start a profile on a chamber in the West Coast and watch the data in real time as well as log with their desired frequency and number of inputs. Users can also take control of the light and fan speed within the chamber (provided the chamber is equipped with a light and/or variable fan speed control). This allows for teams to have access to data no matter where they are, as long as they have access to your network. With this increase in collaboration, expect to see your teams work seamlessly and effortlessly to get their testing done.

In addition to increased collaboration, the XChange adds a layer of security to your chamber. A user can ensure that their profile is run all the way through by locking the chamber, to prevent any interruption if they are using it remotely. Another benefit of locking the chamber, it can also prevent the chamber from being turned on while it is being serviced, protecting the service technician from any harm. The security in the XChange also allows for view only users, this enables you to share the data with multiple people without having to worry about them changing settings and interrupting testing and data collection.

Along with added security and remote monitoring, the XChange also supports custom JSON API and python scripting for your chamber. This allows you as the user to write custom code for interacting with the controller and the XChange dashboard. When using the JSON API, you are able to manipulate multiple attributes at a time that are within the same object, allowing for quick customization.

To learn even more about the XChange, visit its webpage here.



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