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- Aug 27, 2019

Time to get battery smart- Looking into the future

Pollyanna Sidell - Associated Environmental Systems

Keep your eye on V Flow Batteries

Storing energy for the future is becoming more important as power generation evolves and we need to be more creative, and less costly, than we’ve been so far. We have the tools - batteries, pumped storage, thermal - we just have to deploy them fast.

The efforts to lift our power generation and electrical grid into the 21 st century is a multipronged effort. It needs a new generation mix of low-carbon sources that include hydro , renewables and nuclear , ways to capture carbon that don’t cost a zillion dollars, and ways to make the grid smart. 

This was pressed home this week by the Department of Energy’s decision to build a multimillion dollar electric grid research complex at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL). And better, larger batteries are a main component of this research.


Jud Virden, PNNL Associate Lab Director for energy and environment, noted that it took 40 years to get the current lithium-ion batteries to the current state of technology. 

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