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- Nov 25, 2019

Stretchable, Degradable Semiconductors

Pollyanna Sidell - Associated Environmental Systems

semiconductors-blog-imageTo seamlessly integrate electronics with the natural world, materials are needed that are both stretchable and degradable -- for example, flexible medical devices that conform to the surfaces of internal organs, but that dissolve and disappear when no longer needed. However, introducing these properties to electronics has been challenging.

Leading semiconductor manufacturers depend on Associated Environmental Systems to provide and support both standard and customized environmental test chambers that enable them to verify the results of their R&D and manufacturing processes.
Depending on their use, semiconductors must conform to various industry standards.
For example, for navy and military use, MIL-STD-750D includes tests for moisture resistance, high-temperatures, and salt spray.

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PHOTO CREDIT: Adapted from ACS Central Science 2019, DOI: 10.1021/acscentsci.9b00850

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