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January 03, 2020   •   3 minute read

Overheating, overcharging and 4 Other Things You Should Know

Battery Testing platform manufactured by Associated Environmental SystemsThe growing emphasis on battery life is one reason why fast chargers are so ubiquitous. If the battery threatens to drain before the end of the day, refilling the battery fast is the next best thing. A 10-minute charge could make the difference between having to go into an austere power-saving mode or losing power completely before you get home.

Associated Environmental Systems has been a global leader in the development of environmental test chambers. We offer a wide variety of test chambers capable of creating and maintaining tightly controlled environmental conditions including temperature, humidity, thermal shock and salt spray. We even offer custom designed chambers manufactured to meet our customers specific test requirements. 

For more information about Associated Environmental Systems environmental chambers, click HERE. You can also contact one of our expert representatives by clicking HERE or click the chat-box to the right of this page. 

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