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Refurbished Environmental Test Chambers: What to Be Aware Of

April 01, 2021

Some manufacturers restore lightly used or previously rented test chambers for sale as refurbished models. They’re cost-effective options for companies in need of limited testing.

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AES Celebrates Women in Engineering: Meet Rachael Ramos, Alex Sidell, & Sydney Fisher

March 25, 2021

Rachael Ramos, Alex Sidell, and Sydney Fisher highlight the growing contributions of women engineers, particularly in mechanical engineering, robotics, and computer science.

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What Is the Price of a Walk-In Test Chamber?

March 18, 2021

Generally speaking, the base price of walk-in test chambers starts at around $85,000, but that number increases depending on size, performance, customizations, and the type of build.

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Small Environmental Test Chambers: Ideal for Efficient Testing, Mobility, & Maximizing Floorspace

March 11, 2021

Small environmental test chambers benefit users by allowing for more efficient testing in a smaller workspace.

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How Does a Humidity Test Chamber Work?

March 04, 2021

Leading test chamber manufacturers build humidity chambers with closed, vapor generator systems. They require properly conditioned water as well as regular maintenance to ensure performance.

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Optimizing Environmental Testing: The AES Difference (With Free 'Time is Money' White Paper)

February 25, 2021

Associated Environmental Systems (AES) has developed manufacturing processes, customization possibilities, and innovations that help you optimize environmental testing and avoid downtime.

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AGREE Test Chambers Vs. Portable Conditioning Units

February 18, 2021

AGREE test chambers and portable conditioning units both enable you to test devices in simulated real-world environmental conditions with temperature, humidity, and vibration.

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3 Critical Size Factors To Consider Before You Buy a Test Chamber

February 11, 2021

Choosing the size of your test chamber is based on three critical factors: application test requirements, load size and density, and lab conditions.

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Before You Buy a Test Chamber, Consider Your Test Requirements

February 04, 2021

Many industries have established standards for product reliability and lifespan that is dictated by governing boards, industry standards, or consumer expectations. Associated Environmental Systems has a handy environmental test chamber buying guide.

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What Are Salt Spray Test Chambers Used For?

January 28, 2021

Salt spray test chambers enable users to assess how resistant to corrosion their products, components, or materials are by isolating devices under test in a salt mist or fog over a specified amount of time.

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What Is Radio Frequency Shielding?

January 21, 2021

Test chambers with radio frequency shielding block out external radio frequency signals, isolating the device under test so you can accurately measure its signals.

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