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Sensor Research Underscores Clemson University’s Leadership in Technology For Extreme Environments

October 30, 2019

Sensors may seem to be a small part of the system that keeps electricity flowing, but they provide crucial information. Researchers said the two power-plant sensors they are developing could help watch for equipment failures, helping lower maintenance costs for utilities. The well sensors would monitor pressure and be less expensive than current technology, they said.

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Environmental Test Chambers For The "Internet of Things"

October 22, 2019

For over 60 years, Associated Environmental System has been a global leader in the development of environmental test chambers. We offer a wide variety of test chambers capable of creating and maintaining tightly controlled environmental conditions including temperature, humidity, thermal shock, and salt spray.

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Laser Printing for Rapid Fabrication of Waterproof E-Textiles

October 14, 2019

So-called “smart fabrics” that have sensing, wireless communication, or health-monitoring technology integrated within them are the wave of the future for textile design, which is why researchers have been working on new ways to improve their design and fabrication.

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Meet Five Synthetic Biology Companies Using AI To Engineer Biology

September 27, 2019

AI is already here, and it can beat you — and the world’s best — at chess. In 2012, it was also used by Google to identify cats in YouTube videos. Today, it’s the reason Teslas have Autopilot and Netflix and Spotify seem to “read your mind.” Now, AI is changing the field of synthetic biology and how we engineer biology.

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Student Innovation in Maritime Safety and Security

September 19, 2019

Stevens Institute of Technology's Maritime Security Center (MSC) conducted its tenth annual Summer Research Institute (SRI), marking a decade of successful maritime and port safety-and security-focused experiential learning and applied technological research.

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These 10 technologies are most likely to help save planet Earth

September 18, 2019

Tonya Hall talks to Brent Barbee, an aerospace engineer at NASA, to talk about a hypothetical asteroid encounter marshaling a 21st-century planetary defense to the rescue. Primers What is AI? Everything you need to know what is machine learning? Everything you need to know what is deep learning? Everything you need to know what is artificial general intelligence?

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What Do Dating Technology and Alzheimer's Have in Common?

September 06, 2019

The new AI algorithm was able to efficiently automate classifying amyloid plaques and blood vessel abnormalities in postmortem brains of Alzheimer's patients.

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Benefits of 3rd-Party Certification

September 05, 2019

There are many benefits to third-party certification, including creating a reliable and durable product. Guaranteeing customers' purchase a quality product, made to meet safety and standard regulations. Associated Environmental Systems is an industry leader with the most TUV Certified Chambers.

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AI Hysteria Could Set The Technology Back By Decades

September 03, 2019

Most discussions about artificial intelligence (AI) are characterized by hyperbole and hysteria. Though some of the world’s most prominent and successful thinkers regularly forecast that AI will either solve all our problems or destroy us or our society, and the press frequently reports on how AI will threaten jobs and raise inequality, there’s actually very little evidence to support these ideas.

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Machine learning to improve NASA's space travel

August 28, 2019

NASA needs spacecraft that's lighter and more damage tolerant. Randy Paffenroth, has a multi-part mission in this research project. His mathematical machine learning uses an algorithm that will look at the material's uniformity and detect imperfections with higher resolution images.  the machine learning happens because the algorithm learns from previous scans further improving future scans. He and his team will also develop algorithms to be used in active feedback control systems to predict how good a particular piece of material will be as it's first being made, helping to ensure a more consistent end product. The algorithm analyzes the properties measured at the beginning of the manufacturing run to effectively predict the properties at the end of the run, including mechanical properties and length of run. Researcher: RANDY PAFFENROTH, ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR OF MATHEMATICAL SCIENCES AT Worcester Polytechnic Institute and working with Nanocomp Technologies, Inc.    

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When Human Expertise Improves the Work of Machines

August 26, 2019

Machine learning algorithms can sometimes do a better job with a little help from human expertise, at least in the field of materials science. In many specialized areas of science, engineering and medicine, researchers are turning to machine learning algorithms to analyze data sets that have grown much too large for humans to understand.

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