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                  June 16, 2019FLEX-PR-IMAGE

Flexible Battery testing by Associated Environmental Systems

Meet ATPFLEX - The Flexible Battery Testing Solution

ATPFLEX is the next generation of battery fixtures, one that keeps all of the original ATPPRIME system’s benefits. Still, it adds flexibility and maintains the efficiency our customers need to keep their battery products moving forward.
Watch ATPFLEX video here.



AES-PDFMay 21, 2019chamber testing by associated environmental systems

Temperature Testing meets Reliable Shielding

Associated Environmental Systems offers a temperature chamber that forms a conductive barrier to block radio frequency energy as you test circuit boards and other electronics.

AES-PDFMarch 5, 2019chamber manufacturing by associated environmental system

AES Gains UL Status with 100 Certified Test Chambers

Associated Environmental Systems just received certification from TUV Rheinland as the first environmental test chamber manufacturer that can deliver over 100 different test chambers and electrical panels to labs and production plants around the globe that meets to UL 61010-1 and  UL 508A standards.

AES-PDFSeptember 6, 2018Innovating Battery Testing

AES is Innovating Battery Testing

With already 700,00 channels already beta tested, the patent-pending battery testing platform makes a more efficient and productive testing process.