FDR-01 & FDR-05

Frequency Shielded Temp chamber by associated environmental systems

Radio Frequency Shielded Temperature Chambers

Powerful and Consistent Radio Frequency Blocking

Associated Environmental Systems offers a temperature chamber that forms a conductive barrier to block radio frequency energy as you test circuit boards and other electronics. The FDR chamber offers the ability to test frequency generating devices within a shielded environment. The chamber also offers the ability to test devices inside that are shielded from the outside.
FDR chambers are available with one and five cubic foot workspace, so you'll have plenty of room for your product and for proper air circulation while undergoing temperature testing.  Before your chamber is shipped to you, it is sent to an independent test facility to certify attenuation. Your chamber comes with a test report showing attenuation performance.


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horizontal-rf-shielding*Attenuation is approximately 60 dB from to 700 MHz to 2.6 GHz and no less than 40-50 dB at frequencies up to 3.0 GHz or higher.

Temperature Testing & Reliable Shielding Meet

Powerful and Consistent Radio Frequency Blocking

• Cellular, metallic, chromatic gaskets and conductive adhesives create a sealed workspace

• RF Honeycomb shielded grill keeps the circulation motor cool

• Electrical wires into the working volume travel through special RF filters

• Standard and Customer requested RF-rated connectors are installed on a side mounted interface plate providing a shielded pass-through grid for communication with device under test. (DUT)



Associated Environmental Systems’ Ryan Young at NTS (Boxborough, MA) for extensive independent testing on RF chambers

Temperature Range: -37°C to +94°C (-34.6°F to +201.2°F)

Available in two sizes:

FDR-501  (1.13 cu.ft./31.86 l.)

RF environmental test chamber that block radio frequency waves while testing products

FDR-505   (5.09 cu.ft. /144.2 l.)

RF environmental test chamber that block radio frequency waves while testing products