BDE Series

The BDE series is AES's extended temperature laboratory oven line that utilizes structural reinforcement to produce rapid temperature change rates and the highest temperature range of all of our test chambers, with the ability to reach 538°C (1000°F). This series features a rise time of approximately 60 minutes from room ambient to the upper limit as well as a pull down time of 10 minutes from room ambient to the lower limit. Similar to our standard BD units, the extended series is capable of providing highly stable and controllable forced hot air circulation to maintain precise temperatures with help from direct drive powered fans. These ovens only provide heat as an environmental testing condition, however a liquid cooling unit may be added to serve as a cooling accelerator. This helps to quickly bring a warm oven back down to ambient level and can bring temperatures as low as -73°C / -100°F. Ramp rates for the liquid cooling refrigeration are much faster than the traditional test chamber mechanical refrigeration however, are dependent on the size of the gas supply available.



Standard  1 Watlow EZ-ZONE PM manual set controller



Dashboard view enables chamber control at the chamber, at a desktop, or remotely via laptop or tablet

Profile Builder has drag-and-drop, web-browser functionality

Data Logging with onboard, multi-year logging of live and current data, anyplace anytime

Communication and Control uses standard, well-documented JSON API for easy integration with other test platforms

Security decreases test interference with three authentication methods and six permission levels 

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Watlow F4T Programmable Controller

Features a 4.3” capacitive touchscreen minimizing the chance for error. Ethernet communication supported by AES|XCHANGE

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100 OHM Platinum RTD  is a highly-accurate sensor made from platinum components for increased sensitivity

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Data Loggers

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Safety Measures

We offer multiple types of safeties on our test chambers to help protect your product and your test chamber if anything malfunctions.

High Temperature Safety: (Standard)

A factory set high temperature safety prevents the chamber from exceeding safe operating conditions by disconnecting the heating circuit when an over temperature event occurs.

High/Low Temperature Safety:

A digital set temperature safety that will shut down the test chamber if it goes over a certain temperature or below a certain temperature.


Optional Features:

  • Shelf Modification (placement, size, number)
  • Custom Porting Sizes
  • Dry Nitrogen Purge
  • LN2 Cooling
  • CO2 Cooling
  • Desiccant Air Dryer
  • Floor Stand w/ Casters
  • Additional Blank Door
152mm(h) x 152mm(w) x 152mm(d)
6"(h) x 6"(w) x 6"(d)
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