SM Series

The SM series thermal shock test chamber makes it possible to quickly and autonomously transfer test items back and forth repeatedly between a hot and cold environment. Thermal shock testing is different from thermal cycling, the latter being a longer and slower process. To see a more in depth look at thermal shock versus thermal cycling, visit our About Test Chambers page. The SM series thermal shock test chamber is designed to create a 265ºC / 477ºF temperature variation very rapidly. Our standard thermal shock test chamber has two compartments, one heated and one cooled to support the rapid change in temperature exposure for the tested product. The product being tested is quickly transferred between the two zones by a pneumatic elevator. The SM series also can have a third compartment added for ambient temperature exposure to the product. The SM series is an air to air thermal shock test chamber.

SM series is both MIL-STD-202H and MIL-STD-883K compliant.



  AES|XChange-Operating and Data Management Dashboard

Dashboard view enables chamber control at the chamber, at a desktop, or remotely via laptop or tablet

Profile Builder has drag-and-drop, web-browser functionality

Data Logging with onboard, multi-year logging of live and current data, anyplace anytime

Communication and Control uses standard, well-documented JSON API for easy integration with other test platforms

Security decreases test interference with three authentication methods and six permission levels 

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Watlow F4T Programmable Controller

Features a 4.3” capacitive touchscreen minimizing the chance for error. Ethernet communication supported by AES|XCHANGE

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100 OHM Platinum RTD  is a highly-accurate sensor made from platinum components for increased sensitivity

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Data Loggers

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Safety Measures

We offer multiple types of safeties on our test chambers to help protect your product and your test chamber if anything malfunctions.

Heat Fuse: (Standard)

A heat fuse or thermal fuse, will interrupt the flow of electricity to the test chamber and shut it down if it reaches a certain temperature.

High Temperature Safety: (Standard)

A digital set temperature safety that will shut down the test chamber if it goes over a certain temperature.

High/Low Temperature Safety:

A digital set temperature safety that will shut down the test chamber if it goes over a certain temperature or below a certain temperature.


Optional Features:

  • Ambient Exposed Middle Compartment
  • Additional Basket
  • LN2 Boost Cool
  • CO2 Boost Cool
  • Desiccant Air Dryer
  • Window in Door(s)
  • Internal Vapor Proof Light(s)
457.2W x 660.4D x 1828.8H
18"W x 26"D x 72"H
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