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Associated Environmental Systems is committed to long-term, responsive relationships with our customers. Don't hesitate to contact us with your questions or problems.

If you contact us outside normal business hours, leave a message. We will get back to you the next business day.

General shipping, installation and other information such as: unpacking the shipping container, test chamber placement, power requirements, installation instructions including humidity system requirements and CO2/LN2 boost directions, instrument panel guide and manuals, maintenance and troubleshooting guide, parts list, wiring schematic and refrigeration schematic are all located in the Associated Environmental Systems manual that ships with every chamber.

  • Take a look at our comprehensive Knowledgebase for common troubles, possible causes, symptoms and remedies to get your test chamber back up and running yourself.
  • If more serious issues persist, give our service center a call for diagnostic and quick fixes regarding any aspect of our test chambers right over the phone.
  • Factory technicians in California, Massachusetts and Michigan are available for Company Visits to work out issues on-site, side by side with our customers.
  • Sometimes issues can only be resolved with Replacement Parts. At our headquarters in Acton, MA we stock all the parts necessary for our test chambers and can frequently have them shipped to our customers for next day delivery.
  • The Warranty on every test chamber is one year parts and labor at the factory, and three months labor in the field with the option to extend the period of protection to any requested additional length of time.


Call us: 978-706-6168
Email us: support@associatedenvironmentalsystems.com