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How to change you Love Limit Controller Temperature Units

How to change your Limit controller's (Love) temperature units from C to F & vis versa

Love Controller Temperature Unit Change Instructions

1. Hold the two arrow buttons down simultaneously (you may have to press hard) for 4 seconds on the right hand side, until you see the “PA” value on the screen. Press the Set button on the left hand side. (Please note if both arrow keys aren’t pressed at the same time you will have to start again)

2. Use the “Down arrow” to get to a -19 value. Press the Set button on the left hand side to confirm value.


3. Press and hold both arrows on the right hand side simultaneously until the SP value comes back on screen.


4. Navigate to P2 using the arrows and press the Set button. 


5. Using the arrows select either 1 (F) or 2 (C) to change to the desired temperature unit, confirm by pressing the set button on the left hand side. 

6. Press and hold the up and down arrow simultaneously to set your desired temperature units.


Please reach out to support@associatedenvironmentalsystems.com, if you have any follow up questions!