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What Is Radio Frequency Shielding?

January 21, 2021

Test chambers with radio frequency shielding block out external radio frequency signals, isolating the device under test so you can accurately measure its signals.

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Global Issues and Tech Innovation

January 19, 2021

In two cases of innovation in 2020, smartwatch technology has been used to help identify COVID-19 symptoms in users and also assisted in tracking elephants to promote conservation efforts.

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Maintenance to Mitigate Common Environmental Test Chamber Issues

January 14, 2021

Conducting maintenance on the electrical, refrigeration, humidity, circulation, and control systems will help you identify and address any issues in your test chambers before they become expensive problems.

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Tech Changing How We Live

January 12, 2021

Sudden and dramatic shift in the way we shop has directly led to advances in e-commerce technology, particularly the realm of AI.

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HALT vs HASS Testing

January 07, 2021

Highly accelerated life testing (HALT) and highly accelerated stress screening (HASS) are two kinds of environmental tests that help you determine the expected performance of your products.

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The Next Step in Health Care

January 05, 2021

Technology has opened the possibilities for the health care industry with at-home devices and consumer products playing a role.

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How to Prepare Your Humidity Chamber for Lockdown

December 23, 2020

As you prepare for a lockdown, conduct maintenance checks on your temperature and humidity chambers and make sure to purge them of water to avoid mineral build-up, mold, and mildew.

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Designing Electronics for Harsh Conditions: The Importance of Environmental Testing

December 18, 2020

Environmental testing in harsh conditions will confirm the design of your electronic products.

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The Next Decade of Batteries

December 08, 2020

Battery technology continues to improve as researchers work to understand it better while producing more efficient, higher-performing batteries.

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Costs of Owning Environmental Test Chambers vs. Outsourcing

December 03, 2020

Companies who own test chambers show a strong return on investment, but you may choose to outsource testing, at a rate of around $1500 per day, if you don’t have in-house capabilities.

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Buying vs. Renting an Environmental Test Chamber

November 25, 2020

If you have specific, limited testing needs then renting a test chamber might be the better option. Otherwise, buying a test chamber gives you long-term control over your testing, not to mention a strong ROI.

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