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Lithium-Ion Battery Testing: Battery Types and Innovations in Test Chambers

June 17, 2021

Lithium-ion batteries are vital for our most beloved technologies. As companies produce new, more effective designs, test chamber manufacturers develop similarly advanced testing solutions to meet demands.

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Boldly Going Where No Chambers Have Gone Before: Hyperdriving the FD & HD Series

June 10, 2021

Associated Environmental Systems is updating its FD and HD Series of temperature-only and temperature and humidity test chambers to allow you to select your performance and power requirements without waiting for a custom chamber.

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How Close are Self-Driving Vehicles?

June 08, 2021

Although manufacturers continue to focus efforts on developing self-driving vehicles, things like liability and implementing 'experience' represent important hurdles for this industry.

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The Latest AES Test Chamber Innovation Is Coming Soon...

May 27, 2021

Associated Environmental Systems will soon introduce its latest innovation that offers customers flexibility in testing while ensuring efficiency.

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LiDAR Technology Plays Vital Role in Marsh Restoration and Much More

May 25, 2021

LiDAR is a powerful technology used in autonomous vehicles, agriculture, river surveying, urban planning, archeology, and marsh restoration.

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How to Monitor Test Chambers Remotely

May 20, 2021

AESONE CONNECT, a family of products with multiple hardware and software offerings, enables users to conduct and monitor tests remotely from anywhere in the world.

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Reducing Environmental Impact: Developments in Manufacturing & Battery Reuse

May 18, 2021

From assessing manufacturing processes for electronic devices to researching solutions for reusing batteries, scientists are constantly working to promote sustainability.

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Temperature Chamber Considerations: System Components & Power

May 13, 2021

Before you purchase a test chamber, it's important to understand the system components and power as they pertain to the devices you plan on testing.

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The Future of EV Batteries And Battery Testing

May 11, 2021

QuantumScape claims it's developed a battery capable of extending EV range by 50% with a fast charge. We cover what that means for the future of batteries and battery testing.

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Portable Environmental Test Chambers: Benefits, Uses, and Where to Get Them

May 06, 2021

Some test chambers are built with portability in place or designed to be stacked. They provide mobility and efficient testing, and maximize floor space.

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The Impact of the 5G Network

May 04, 2021

The 5G network impacts consumer lives as well as how we conduct business, healthcare services, and more.

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