What level of attenuation can the chamber provide?

The level of attenuation can vary. Our most popular range is approximately 60 dB from 700 MHz to 2.6 GHz and no less than 40-50 dB at frequencies up to 5.0 GHz or higher.

The chamber provides blocking and trapping of a wide range of radio waves. The factors that create RF blocking conditions are the outcome of thoughtful design work that includes:

• Cellular, metallic, chromatic gaskets, and conductive adhesives that create a sealed workspace

• RF Honeycomb shielded grill that keeps the circulation motor cool

• Electrical wiring fed through special RF filters

• Standard and Customer requested RF-rated connectors, which are installed on a side-mounted interface plate, providing a shielded pass-through grid for communication with the device under test (DUT)


Independent Test Facility Results for Vertical Shielding Effectiveness