Why is there poor air circulation within my test chamber?

Poor air circulation in your unit can be caused by the motor not reaching full speed, a loose fan blade, the device under test (DUT) is too large, or the DUT is obstructing the airflow.


Check out these possible causes and solutions:

The motor is attempting to run on low voltage.
      SOLUTION: Remove excessive load from the line, or use a booster transformer.
The shaft is dragging on insulation in the test chamber wall.
      SOLUTION: Turn the shaft by hand until the shaft provides its own clearance. Insulation can sometimes shift during shipment.
The fan blade is hitting.
      SOLUTION: Tighten the set screw securely, and provide sufficient running clearance for the fan blade.
The area is too small for the application or DUT is too large or is improperly inserted.
      SOLUTION: Begin by rearranging the DUT. If the problem persists, you need a larger area in which to test this device.