What is the standard refrigeration system used in an AES environmental test chamber?

AES standard cascade refrigeration systems have the fastest standard change rates of any environmental test chamber manufacturer, with average pull-down rates of 2.5°C/ minute and average ramp rates of 4.4°C/ minute.

AES chambers allow you to maximize product testing efficiency without sacrificing quality.

Air cooling will heat up the room that the test chamber is located in, is usually less power efficient, slows the pull-down times of the chamber, and needs more space. But it does cost less and is simpler.

The water-cooling option does not heat up the room it is located in, is more power-efficient, and has a smaller area compared to the air-cooled option. But it's more complicated, costs more, and needs a water supply.

LN2 and CO2 boost options are also available, learn more here.