Why does my test chamber not maintain a continuous low temperature?

Your unit may not maintain a continuous low temperature for a number of reasons. This could be caused by a dirty condenser, the condenser fan not running properly, low line voltage, the room temperature being too high, and more.

Check out these possible causes and solutions when your compressor runs continuously or will not always run when it is required by the temperature controller.

The condenser is dirty, which is restricting the airflow.
      SOLUTION: Clean the condenser or move the test chamber so that there is free airflow across the condenser and out the side of the test chamber.
The ambient temperature in the room is too high.
      SOLUTION: Make sure that the test chamber is located in a well-ventilated area where the temperature is normal.
The condenser fan is not operating correctly.
      SOLUTION: Try tightening the fan blade. Replace the motor or repair as necessary.
The line voltage is too low.
      SOLUTION: Install a booster transformer. Or, if low voltage occurs only when other loads draw excessively, try connecting the test chamber to another line that is not overloaded.
The temperature controller is defective.
      SOLUTION: Repair or replace the temperature controller.
There is a defective compressor(s) current relay or an internal thermal overload.
      SOLUTION: Analyze and identify the specific cause and take appropriate action.
The compressor is stopping on its internal overload.
      SOLUTION: Examine the overload and system pressure.