Why does my test chamber have a temperature pull up above the controller setpoint?

Your unit may have a temperature pull up above the controller setpoint because of the calibration of the controller, a defective temperature controller, or a defective relay.

The control is satisfactory. However, it's at an incorrect temperature. Check this possible cause and solution:

The temperature controller may be out of calibration.
      SOLUTION: Calibrate the temperature controller.


The heater is energized continuously. This may result in damage to the test chamber and its contents.  Check out these possible causes and solutions: 

The temperature controller of the unit is defective.
      SOLUTION: Replace the defective controller.
The relay is defective. This occurs only with models that have relays.
      SOLUTION: Replace the defective relay.
The heater has shorted to ground.
      SOLUTION: Determine ground and correct.


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