What is the life expectancy of a water demineralizer cartridge?

1600 grains TDS/17.12 ppm=Capacity in Gallons

The rate a test chamber consumes water is dependant on the chamber workspace volume and the climate conditions in the workspace over time. AES offers an optional, basic, ion exchange cartridge that covers most scenarios by filtering all types of mineral impurities. The filtering capacity of the cartridge is rated to 1600 grains. The capacity, in gallons of water, is dependant on the TDS of the supply water, and can be calculated as follows:   

1600 grains TDS/17.12 ppm=Capacity in Gallons 

The formula assumes consistent water quality over the life of the filter and is not applicable to test chambers with water recirculation systems. In most scenarios, recirculated water returns to the filter with the original water quality.

There are certain cases where specimens under test release chemicals into the workspace and mix into the recirculated water, creating high ion concentrations and altering the water quality. By sending the recirculated water back through the filter, the impurities are removed, and the supply water is ready for reuse.

Supply water with high levels of dissolved solids may deplete ion exchange cartridges at faster rates.

Test your water, know what chemicals are being released, and adjust the filtration choice accordingly.