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- Oct 24, 2019

Accelerating Battery Development for Electric Vehicles (And Lightsabers)

Pollyanna Sidell - Associated Environmental Systems

batteries-and-lightsabers-blog-1Batteries that power personal and household gadgets have historically been limited to 100's of charge/discharge cycles, or in the low 1000's in some cases. However, this limit of cycle life is not sufficient for modern electric vehicles (EVs) and grid storage applications, nor is it sufficient for the iconic lightsaber from a galaxy far, far away. Over the past decade tremendous advancements have been made with lithium-ion and other battery chemistries.

Associated Environmental Systems, supports battery development worldwide.  The ATP system allows researchers to test more cells by offering 48 channels in an 8 cu. ft. space.  The system allows for testing multiple chemical combinations with redundancy.  Being able to test coin cells in the lab and then swap out the coin holder for cylindrical holders with a simple click makes scaling a smooth transition.

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