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Testing Batteries for Consumer Electronics

A Pioneer in Designing Battery Testing Systems

ATPPRIME®, developed by AES, provides a safe and efficient solution for testing large quantities of cells simultaneously. AES has eliminated the guesswork from battery testing by offering preconfigured solutions so you can confidently conduct tests knowing that the system is designed to optimize performance while considering the specific requirements of your battery density.

Why AES?

Innovation and Expertise at your fingertips

AES has been designing battery testing solutions for companies in the consumer electronics industry for more than a decade. Featuring ATPPRIME®, a patented system for the high density testing of batteries within an environmental test chamber, AES has expanded its solutions to include an array of solutions that can accommodate nearly every cell format, including prismatic, cylindrical, coin cells, and more.

Patented Battery Testing Systems

You need a manufacturer who truly understands the unique challenges of testing different types of cells. That's why we offer a range of patented products and solutions designed specifically with labs in mind.

Easy Cycler Connection

Battery testing systems in AES’s All Test Platform (ATP®) enable you to safely and efficiently test coin, prismatic, pouch, and cylindrical cells in controlled environments.

We Get Labs

Innovation requires agility. AES gets it. We’re here to help you address battery testing challenges in the short term and plan for expansion so you can stake your place as an industry leader.

Shop Battery Testing Systems

The ATP® series features two fixtures built specifically to accommodate the coin, prismatic, and cylindrical cells that power consumer electronics: ATPPRIME® and ATPFLEX®.

Battery Testing Systems for Coin, Prismatic, and Cylindrical Cells


AES' patented system for the high-density testing of batteries within an environmental test chamber is engineered to fit your needs. ATPPRIME® integrates with a number of AES battery test chambers.

Specs At A Glance

  • Application: Cylindrical/Coin, Prismatic, Coin, Pack
  • Connection Type: Power Pole (Cylindrical/Coin), Clip (Prismatic), Harding Connector (Coin, Pack)
  • Configuration: 12 channels per shelf; 1-4 shelves (Cylindrical/Coin, Pack), 12-16 channels per shelf; 1-4 shelves (Prismatic), 48 channels per shelf; 1-4 shelves (Coin)
  • Test Surface Dimensions: 8.75” x 19” (22.23 x 48.26 cm)
  • ATP Temperature Range: -20°C to 80°C (inquire for extended temperature range)
  • Maximum Current: 1- 20 amps (Cylindrical/Coin), 20 amps (Prismatic, Pack), 1 amp (Coin)
  • Cable Management: IGUS Track
  • Safety Options: TUV US, CA, and E

Battery fixtures for Cylindrical, Prismatic, and Coin Cells


ATPFLEX® is engineered with flexibility in mind, easy to install in existing test chambers. ATPFLEX® accommodates different cell formats and testing configurations.

Specs At A Glance

  • Application: Prismatic/Pouch, Cylindrical/Coin
  • Connection Type: Clip (Prismatic/Pouch), Power Pole (Cylindrical/Coin)
  • Channels: 2-6 channels
  • Temperature Range: Standard: -20°C to +80°C; Extended: -40°C to +150°C (Prismatic/Pouch)
  • Cable Management: Cable Raceway

Service and Support

AES sales, engineering, and factory teams innovate solutions and discuss your challenges to make recommendations that will maximize your current and future battery testing results.

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