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What Is EV Battery Testing?

Your electric vehicle (EV) batteries will encounter extreme conditions, high and low altitudes, hills and highways, and diverse climates as passengers drive around the world. Will they surpass the challenges of the road? Rigorously testing your batteries to ensure performance, safety, and reliability is crucial to driving innovation in the EV industry. AES is here to help you do that. 

Why AES?

Setting the Standard in the EV Battery Test Chamber Industry

Patented for a system for the high-density testing of batteries within an environmental test chamber, AES offers battery testing solutions that are equipped to grow with you and your battery testing needs as the EV industry changes.


AES’ All Test Platform (ATP) integrated solutions allow you to switch between different battery formats during testing. There are a total of five modular test surfaces with interchangeable panels. These panels can be customized to accommodate various elements, such as clips for pouch cells, additional thermal channels for cell monitoring, high-current terminal posts, and more.


The safety of your batteries and testing environment is paramount in our battery test chambers and solutions. Our test surface is constructed from a perforated FR4 material coated with an epoxy resin laminate. This innovative surface is inherently flame-retardant and strictly adheres to the UL94V-0 standard for the inflammability of plastic materials. This means that even in the most rigorous testing conditions, a perforated test surface adds an extra layer of protection.


Our ATP series test surface has strategically spaced channels to minimize thermal event risks, while the IGUS track ensures optimal cable management. Clearly labeled channels at the back streamline the testing process, combining safety and efficiency seamlessly in one fully intergrated solution. Elevate your testing experience with ATP excellence.

High-Density EV Battery Testing Solutions

The ATP® series features two fixtures built specifically to accommodate the high-density battery testing required for the newest wave of EVs: ATPHEAVY and ATPHEAVY ADAPTABLE.

High-Amperage Battery Testing for Cylindrical, Pouch, and Prismatic Cells


Patent-pending ATPHEAVY ADAPTABLE® comes with sliding shelves and can be adjusted to accommodate different setups and battery formats. It’s compatible with the SC-512-SAFE.

Specs at a Glance

  • Application: High Current
  • Channels: 6-16 Channels
  • Cell Format: Cylindrical, Pouch, and Prismatic
  • Maximum Current: 500 Amps
  • Cable Management: IGUS Track

Adaptable Testing

Universal terminals on both sides provide an adaptable and agile solution for battery testing. For instance, you can replace a jumper cable with a pouch cell clip modular component, allowing for flexible reconfiguration and repurposing. 

Cycler Connection

Our cycler interface panel, situated at the rear of the chamber, features isolated terminal posts for connecting current-carrying wires from the cycler and isolated turret-style connectors that facilitate easy interfacing with cycler sense wires. This offers a secure location for connections and ensures safety and functionality for direct communication about the health of your cell.

High-Amperage Battery Testing for Cylindrical and Prismatic Cells


AES' patent-pending high amperage battery fixture is engineered to fit your testing needs, and is compatible with the SC-508-SAFE and the SC-512-SAFE. The ATPHEAVY is the only large cell testing fixture of its kind.

Specs at a Glance

  • Application: High Current
  • Cell Format: Prismatic and Cylindrical
  • Maximum Current: 1000 Amps
  • Cable Management: High-amperage Cables, Direct Wire, and IGUS Track

Efficiency Meets Reliability

At AES, we prioritize efficiency and reliability in every product we create. Our High Current Power Solution is meticulously designed to deliver seamless power, reduce downtime, and enhance productivity. Trust our solution to keep your operations running smoothly.



With ATPHEAVY, you can perform continuous testing of up to 1000 amps. The system features a pneumatic lift that enables safe loading and removal of large cells. The lift ensures proper touch points to a gold-plated bus bar, ensuring reliable connections during testing.

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