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Test the reliability of your battery and electronic-operated medical devices with confidence.

Ensuring the safety and efficiency of your products is paramount when it comes to healthcare equipment. That's why reliability testing is essential before bringing your devices to market.

At Associated Environmental Systems, we specialize in building chambers tailored to test products and components of all sizes. Whether you need a small benchtop model or a massive walk-in chamber, we've got you covered. Our chambers offer precise control over temperature, humidity, and more, allowing you to meet industry standards.

Whether you're conducting safety tests, reliability assessments, accelerated aging studies, or product packaging evaluations, we have the perfect environmental testing solution for your needs. Our team can even create custom-designed test chambers to meet your application requirements.

Commonly used for testing a wide range of medical devices, including defibrillators, hearing aids, infusion pumps, pacemakers, meters, monitors, robots, surgical tools, and ventilators, our chambers ensure that your products perform optimally in real-world conditions.

Test Chambers for Medical Devices: Talk to an Expert

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Battery Testing for Medical Devices

Like many other modern industries, medical devices rely heavily on safe, effective batteries to power life-saving equipment. In addition to our full offering of temperature and humidity chambers, AES has our patented ATPPRIME and patent-pending ATPHEAVY battery testing fixtures that seamlessly integrate into our battery test chambers. 

Our battery test chambers can test medical device battery form factors such as cylindrical, pouch, and prismatic cells. Our chambers are rated to EUCAR level 7 to keep in mind operator safety. The safety features are designed to first prevent and then mitigate in case of a battery thermal event. 

Relevant Environmental Test Chambers

Sd with TUV

Temperature Only

Conduct testing for precise temperature control and uniformity. Benchtop, stackable, and walk-in room options.

Workspace Range: 2 to 264 cu ft 

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SC SCH 508 Temp or Temp with Humidity Chamber

Temperature With Humidity

Conduct temperature and humidity cycling testing. Benchtop, stackable, and walk-in room options. 

Workspace Range: 2 to 96 cu ft

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SD-SAFE new color

Battery Safety

AES's battery testing chambers with added safety features to keep you safe up to EUCAR 7 enable you to test nearly any battery cell type in controlled conditions.

Double stack options available

Workspace Range: 8 and 12 cu ft

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LH 15 Per rev1-1

Stability Testing

Conduct temperature and humidity cycling and steady-state testing. 

Double stack options available for 1 cu ft model

Workspace Range: 1, 5, 10 cu ft. 

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Relevant Standards

  • IEC 60601, 60068
  • ISO 11135, 11607, 10993
  • Ul 1647, 2054





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