test pouch, prismatic, cylindrical, coin, and pack batteries with easy connectors and wire management

Available for cylindrical, pouch, prismatic, coin and pack testing

large batch battery test fixture increases battery testing efficiency.

Test 2 or 48 channels at a time

Easy-access battery test surfaces slide out making every channel fully-accessible

Specialized chambers maximize airflow for battery testing

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Medical Device Monitor

Get the rigorous test conditions for battery and electronic medical devices

Manufacturers of medical devices, materials, and components use AES environmental test chambers, knowing that temperature and humidity are tightly controlled to meet rigorous industry standards.

Today's technology, infused with electronics, relies heavily on batteries for regular operation and for back-up. 

Devices such as hearing aids, pacemakers, surgical tools, defibrillators, robots, infusion pumps, monitors, ventilators, and meters require batteries that hold their charge, repeatedly charge, and won't fail.  

The stringent regulations and standards for medical devices that use lithium-ion batteries, test stability at high temperatures, moisture, or high humidity. 

AES battery fixtures have been proven across many electronic devices that utilize batteries.  Regulations and standards create strenuous climate conditions while repeatedly cycling charges and discharges. Using AES fixtures to set up battery testing in climate chambers while connected to battery cyclers creates increased efficiency and safety, along with fewer propagation events.  

While decades of custom and standard environmental test chambers have been used for medical devices, ensuring they meet in low and high range temperatures, variations in humidity, and withstands corrosion.