test pouch, prismatic, cylindrical, coin, and pack batteries with easy connectors and wire management

Kelvin Clip and Anderson Power Pole connectors offer universal application to any battery

cylindrical-atp-boardlarge batch battery test fixture increases battery testing efficiency.

Test 2 or 48 channels at a time

mitch-opening-atplarge batch battery test fixture increases battery testing efficiency.TEMPERATURE & HUMIDITY CONDITIONED 
Specialized chambers maximize airflow for battery testing

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Reliability testing chambers for battery and electronic operated medical devicesElectronic and battery operated medical devices need reliability testing

As a manufacturer of medical devices, materials, and components, you need to prove to your customers and regulatory authorities that your products can maintain quality in rigorous conditions.  When you use AES environmental test chambers, for product reliability testing, know that years of experience are behind every test chamber.  You have standards that require testing temperatures and humidity that are tightly controlled to meet rigorous industry standards.

Today's technology is infused with electronics, and are dependent on batteries for regular operations and for power failure back-up making your reliability tests even more complicated.  Check out AES' combined testing solutions to optimize the amount of time it takes to set-up and perform testing.

Solutions you need to meet regulations and standards

Below are just a few of the stringent regulations and standards required for your medical devices that utilize electronics and lithium-ion batteries.  AES test chambers have been qualifying product reliability by testing stability at high and low temperatures, cycling through many temperatures, under dry, moist, and high-humidity conditions, and through one-of-a-kind corrosion testing.  

AES battery fixtures have been proven across many electronic devices that utilize batteries.  Regulations and standards create strenuous climate conditions while repeatedly cycling charges and discharges. Using ATP battery fixtures to set up battery testing in climate chambers while connected to battery cyclers creates increased efficiency and safety, along with fewer propagation events.  

Commonly Devices Requiring Batteries that hold their charge, repeatedly charge, and won't fail.

•  Defibrillators
•  Hearing Aids
•  Infusion Pumps
•  Pace Makers
•  Meters
•  Monitors
•  Robots
•  Surgical Tools
•  Ventilators

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