Standard on all LH, FD, HD, SM, SD, BHD, & Walk-In Series Environmental Test Chambers

AES_XCHANGE2_WONow you can monitor your environmental testing away from the chamber. Enabling communication, AESONE XCHANGE is hardware that lives inside your test chamber opening a world of access.

When AESONE XCHANGE is connected to your test chambers controller and you company network you get access to AESONE CONSOLE. A web-based dashboard view lets you monitor your test chamber remotely as a device is undergoing test. The home pages is a side-by-side view of the setpoints and current temperature and humidity and a customizable graph. AESONE CONSOLE software allows you to operate your chamber on a full-screen monitor at your desk or remotely on a laptop or tablet. View real-time readings and control your chamber's temperature and humidity. 

A full-screen-mode graph allows you to view and monitor live and historical data with a pause-and-resume feature while the chamber is running a test profile. 

From a web browser, you have the ability to move between profiles, create new profiles, edit and save them.  The Profile Builder uses an easy drag-and-drop interface that makes choosing steps and rearranging test profile steps a breeze.  Say goodbye to spending hours standing at a small screen in front of the chamber building test profiles or using an overcomplicated interface.

 Using a shared chamber is not a problem if you are using AESONE XCHANGE security features which decrease test interference with three authentication methods and six permission levels controlled only by the administrator.  

Dimensions:  Embedded software allows you to work on a full screen at your desktop or remotely on a laptop or tablet.  Ask for the optional touchscreen monitor to mount on the chamber for full-screen access or plug your laptop in when you're working at the chamber.

Analog Inputs: up to 24* (dependent on controller configuration)

Networking: Ethernet, JSON API, python scripts

Data Storage: Internal flash memory

Capacity before Reset: up to 8 years of continuous recording* (dependent on data logging settings)

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Watlow F4T


Watlow F4T

Standard on all FD, HD, SM, SD, BHD, & Walk-In Series Environmental Test Chambers

The F4T has 4 channel control as well as easy-to-set-up custom profiles. This enables you to easily adjust profiles in the controller without having to worry about deleting or messing up pre-existing profiles. The F4T has Modbus over TCP, RS-232, and RS-485 communication capability.  The ability to connect to optional data logging is available via after-market auxiliary computer-based software.

Control/Limit Loops:  4/4

Alarms:  Up to 14

Mounting:  Front panel or flush mount

Profile:  Yes

Max Output:  10A SSR

Ambient Operating Range:  -18 to +50 C°

Data Logging:  Yes (Optional)

Communication Protocols:  Standard Bus, Modbus TCP, Modbus RTU, SCPI, USB 2.0

Optional Protocols:  IEEE-488 GPIB

Screen Type:  4.3" PCAP color graphical touch

Documentation:  Watlow F4T 

Example Profile: F4T Controller Example Profile






Standard on all LH, BD, MX Series Environmental Test Chambers

A push button controller with segmented displays. Has optional RS-232 or RS-485 serial communication. This controller is standard on LH, BD, and MX Series environmental test chambers. 

Control/Limit Loops:  1/1

Alarms:  2

Mounting:  11/32, 1/16 DIN front panel

Profile:  No

Max Output:  15A

Ambient Operating Range:  -18 to +65 C°

Data Logging:  No

Communication Protocols:  Modbus RTU

Optional Protocols:  Modbus TCP, IEEE-488 GPIB

Screen Type:  LCD Segmented Display

Documentation: Watlow PM


Watlow F4



Watlow Retro F4

Optional Feature:  This controller is no longer a standard product on AES environmental test chambers.

The Retro F4 can also be used with after-market auxiliary computer-based software. The F4 comes with standard RS-232 or RS-485 and has optional adapter board for Modbus or TCP Ethernet, IEEE-488, or GPIB.

Control/Limit Loops:  2/0

Alarms:  2

Mounting:  1/4 DIN front panel

Profile:  Yes

Max Output:  2A

Ambient Operating Range:  0 to +55 C°

Data Logging:  No

Communication Protocols:  Modbus RTU

Optional Protocols Modbus:  TCP, IEEE-488 GPIB

Screen Type: Backlit LED Segmented Display, 4 Lines, 40 characters each

Documentation:  Watlow F4