Test Chamber Data Logging options






AES|XCHANGE by Associated Environmental Systems is a digital data logger and more available to use at the test chamber, on your desktop, or remotely via laptop or tablet. Learn More about all it can do.

With on-board multi-year data logging abilities collect and manage live and historical data. You can view and analyze data with pause and resume control of live plotting.

An interactive activity log records what the chamber calls for and allows you to add entries as you view the events currently being logged. 
Additionally, you can create custom datalog reports that allow you to zoom in on specific data points in a vivid graph for or zoom out for an overall understanding of the profile behaviors.  You can look at custom specified date ranges including up to 8 years of data in the on-board archives. 

Custom color settings can be assigned allowing you ultimate control when you are viewing your graph.  Easily share data with collaborators or download the data, at any point during or after testing has finished, either as a CSV or TSV file for permanent records.


Analog Inputs: up to 24* (dependent on controller configuration)

Networking: Ethernet, JSON API, python scripts

Data Storage: Internal flash memory

Capacity before reset: up to 8 years of continuous recording* (dependent on data logging settings)


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Honeywell eZtrend

Honeywell eZtrend connects to Associated Environmental Systems test chambers to log data

This paperless controller digitally and securely stores data on a 1 GB internal non-volatile memory. There are USB and SD card memory keys to retrieve the data after collection and has ethernet networking capabilities. The eZtrend comes with a 5.7 inch color active TFT type display and supports up to 12 directly connected analog inputs that handle T/C, RTD and Linear input sensor types.  Dimensions: 5.7 inch touchscreen

Analog Inputs: up to 12

Networking: Ethernet

Data Storage: USB and SD

Capacity before reset: 1 GB of Data (expandable to 2 GB)

Honeywell Truline

Honeywell Truline Recorder connects to Associated Environmental Systems test chambers to log data on circular chart paper

This paper circular chart recorder, available in 10 or 12 inch diameter, is microprocessor based and comes with a digital display. The Truline accepts directly connected process signals allowing them to process data and create the chart under actual environmental conditions eliminating the risk of expansion of the paper from temperature and humidity. Dimensions: 10 or 12 in circular chart

Analog Inputs: 2

Networking: Modbus RTU

Data Storage: Paper

Capacity before reset: 1 12" circular chart paper