Temperature Sensors for Test Chambers

  Type J, Type T 100 OHM Platinum
Description We have a variety of thermocouples available with a variety of temperature ranges and sensitivities. RTD sensor that can operate from -200 C to 650 C. Platinum resistance elements are specially designed to ensure precise and repeatable temperature measurement. RTDs and thermistors are accurate, sensitive, standardized and interchangeable.
Range J: -40 °C to 750 °C
T: -200 °C to 350 °C
-200 °C to 650 °C
Accuracy J: +/- 2.2 °C
T: +/- 1.5 °C
+/- .06% at 32 °F

Humidity Sensors for Test Chambers

  Standard Humidity Sensor
Chilled Mirror
Chilled Mirror
Description The sensor measures temperature, relative humidity and the dew or frost point and is designed for OEM applications. The transmitter consists of a probe that is hard wired to a small open board with a 2 m / 6.5 ft cable. This sensor offers fast response and exceptional stability, even in high humidity environments. Sensor durability has proven to be excellent in a wide range of applications. High accuracy humidity sensor with a range of 0 to 100% RH and -40 to 80°C. The most accurate humidity sensor that we offer. The chilled mirror humidity sensor provides one of the true direct physical measurements of humidity and is the most accurate method of measuring humidity above 5%RH.
Range -20 to 75 °C -40 to 80 °C -60 to 100 °C
Range (Humidity) 20 to 80% RH 0 to 100% RH 5 to 100% RH
Accuracy +/- 2.5% and .6 °C +/- 1.5% and +/-.4 °C +/- 1.5% and .15 °C

Gas Sensors for Test Chambers

  Toxic Gas Sensor
Toxic Gas Sensor
Oxygen Sensor
Oxygen Sensor
Description A network enabled Gas Sensor Module with the brilliance to provide Sentry, 4-20 mA or Modbus output. A true loop powered (14-32 VDC) trace oxygen transmitter designed to provide accurate and dependable trace oxygen measurements in a variety of background gases. Measurement ranges available are from 0-10 PPM to 0-20,000 PPM. A 4-20 mADC output is provided that can be used with a data logger, recorder, PLC, DCS, etc. Options include pressure regulators, flow meters, sample filters, and explosion proof (NEMA 7) housings.
Range -20 to 50 °C 5 to 40 °C
Range (Humidity) 15-99% RH  
Material   Available explosive proof housing conformant with NEMA 7 protocols
Accuracy +/- 1 PPM 1% of full scale