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SAE Standards

SAE Specifications for Environmental Test Chambers

Society of Automotive Engineers International (SAE)

SAE International was originally established as the Society of Automotive Engineers. It is a professional association and standards organization for engineering professionals. The organization focuses on transport industries, such as automotive, aerospace and commercial vehicles. SAE coordinates the development and publication more than 1,600 technical standards and recommended practices. These standards help ensure the safety, quality and effectiveness of products and services across the mobility engineering industry, but are not international standards. Many of them are referenced by the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.


Steel, Corrosion-Resistant, Bars, Wire, Forgings, Rings, and Extrusions is a specification that covers corrosion-resistant steel.

SAE J1113-13

Electromagnetic Compatibility Measurement Procedure for Vehicle Components specifies the test methods and procedures for evaluating electrical components intended for automotive use to the threat of Electrostatic Discharges (ESDs).

SAE J2464

Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Rechargeable Energy Storage System (RESS) addresses thermal stability and thermal shock tests.