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Increase Access Through Connected Chamber Technology

Your AES test chamber has the power to free up your time and make remote test monitoring possible. Most  temperature and humidity test chambers shipped have our exclusive connected technology living inside. AESONE CONNECT is a combination of software (AESONE CONSOLE) and hardware (AESONE XCHANGE) that gives you the ability to view and operate your test chamber and view real-time and historical data from anywhere, at the office or away.


Work from anywhere, any time

Monitor your environmental testing away from the chamber. You no longer have to stand at the test chamber, scrolling through small LED screens or layers of pages on a 4” touchscreen. AESONE CONSOLE lets you view and operate your chamber on a full-screen monitor at your desktop or remotely using a laptop or tablet. 

Please allow about 2 minutes for the application to cache on your first visit.

Dashboard screen

Watch from Afar

In a dashboard format, you can see your setpoints and actual readings beside a customizable large-format graph. These are real-time readings of your device-under-test straight from the test chamber controller via AESONE XCHANGE. At any time, you can start, stop, pause, resume, start from the beginning of any step, and jump to any step.

Dashboard screen

See It Your Way

A full-screen-mode graph allows you to view and monitor live and historical data. The graph has features that enable you to change colors of plot lines for easy viewing, set the data intervals for graph updates, pause and resume to narrow in on a point, scroll back to different points in the test, and add observation notes to the graph, all while the chamber is running a test profile.

Dashboard screen

Build the Perfect Test

You can create, edit, save, and move between profiles from anywhere you can access a web browser. An always-visible taskbar lives on the right side of your screen that makes choosing steps and rearranging them a breeze. Adding, removing, cloning, and rearranging steps in the profile is simple with color-coded bars designating steps and icons depicting the event.


Store, Edit, and Clone

When you are finished creating a profile, store it on your server to retrieve later or save it to the chamber controller. You no longer need to spend hours standing at a small screen in front of the test chamber, building profiles or using an overcomplicated interface. With all your test profiles in one place, you have easy access to previously-built profiles. All controllers have limited storage space for data and profiles. With AESONE CONSOLE, you can store all your profiles on your server and simply move profiles between your network server tab and the chamber tab. Yes, you can toss out that thumb drive.


Multiple Security Levels

Using a shared chamber is not a problem if you are using AESONE CONNECT security features designed to decrease test interference. There are three login authentication methods to choose from and six user-access permission levels controlled only by the administrator, along with expiration dates that can be set for each user. Through the use of a networked chamber, the administrator has the ability to assign various access levels: administrator, lock, unlock, use-only, read-only, and no access.


Access Historical Data

No file cabinets are needed here. All your test data for the past seven-plus years is at your fingertips on AESONE XCHANGE. Call it up, and view it on AESONE CONSOLE. Add notes to the graphs where needed. For deeper analysis, exporting in multiple-file formats is also an option.


Communication and Control

You can be assured AESONE CONNECT will integrate easily with other test platforms because it uses standard, well-documented JSON API. So, if you can log into your company network from a browser, you have the superpower to view your device-under-test and its data in progress or any historical test data, anywhere and anytime.


Increase Chamber Functionality

The technology gives you the ability to walk away from your devices-under-test (DUT) without worry. Connect your controller to your company network with AESONE XCHANGE. Once you access the IP address, you have the ability to view data that is stored in AESONE XCHANGE and completely monitor and control your test chamber.


Increased Accessibility

By connecting your test chamber controller to your network, you gain access to your previous test data and your DUT without standing at the test chamber, watching the on-board controller screen.


Data Logging

On-board, multi-year data logging abilities collect and manage live and historical data. You can view and analyze data with pause and resume control of live plotting.


It's not too late to get in the game

Let an AES Service Team Member deliver the power to you with a retrofit that will put AESONE XCHANGE in any chamber you own. After a consultation that will assess your chamber configuration, an AES Service Team Member will come to your chamber to install a retrofit that will allow your controller to communicate with your network.


Seamless Integration

AESONE RETROFIT allows you to use any AESONE CONSOLE with any manufacturer brand. If you have an older test chamber, with a digital controller, you can upgrade your controller with the retrofit and be connected to all the remote monitoring features.

There are two methods of installation. The kit is housed completely inside of your chamber. The box is a small device that sits outside the test chamber and attaches one of three designated ports that you currently have.


Any Manufacturer’s Test Chamber

We are proud that well-cared-for test chambers can last for 10+ years. Unfortunately, controller technology can’t keep up, so AES is happy to install AESONE RETROFIT, a kit that goes inside your electrical panel or an external box and allows your chamber to communicate with any test chamber you have. This may require a controller upgrade for full functionality.


Service Has Your Back

The AES Service Team installing your Retrofit will not leave until your test chamber profiles are up and running, and your users are comfortable with the new operation of your test chamber. Meanwhile, back at AES Headquarters, there are troubleshooters available to help you. Get your questions answered with a call, chat, or email.


Request More Information

We're ready to answer your questions. Call us at 978-486-5079 or send us a message.