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Remote Access, Collaboration with Enhanced Controller Capabilities 

AES|XChange - Test Chamber Controller Dashboard Screenshot
View everything your chamber is doing via a web-based browser.
Now, by connecting to your network, you can open a dashboard to monitor your environmental testing away from the chamber. AESONE CONSOLE enables you to view and operate your chamber on a full-screen monitor at your desktop or remotely on a laptop or tablet. View real-time readings and control your chamber's temperature and humidity. A full-screen-mode graph allows you to view and monitor live and historical data with a pause and resume feature while the chamber is running a test profile. All this from a browser giving you access anywhere and anytime.
AEX-Exchange Data Logger
Build profiles at your desk with drag-and drop functionality.

Build Profiles on AESONE CONSOLE

From a web-browser you have the ability to create, edit, save, and move between profiles.  The Profile Builder uses an easy drag-and-drop interface that makes choosing steps and rearranging test profiles a breeze. This includes the ability to add and remove steps from previously built profiles. Say goodbye to spending hours standing at a small screen in front of the chamber building test profiles or using an overcomplicated interface.

Security settings available to lock down your chamber when needed.
Security settings available to lock down your chamber when needed.

On-board, multi-year storage keeps your data logging collected and managed in the same place. Where you can access live and historical data, when you can view and analyze data with pause and resume control of live plotting.

Combined with AESONE CONSOLE, an interactive activity log records what the chamber calls for and allows you to add entries as you view the events currently being logged. 

Additionally, you can create custom datalog reports that allow you to zoom in on specific data points in a vivid graph for or zoom out for an overall understanding of the profile behaviors.  You can look at custom specified date ranges including up to 8 years of data in the on-board archives. 

Custom color settings can be assigned allowing you ultimate control when you are viewing your graph.  Easily share data with collaborators or download the data, at any point during or after testing has finished, either as a CSV or TSV file for permanent records.

Running a profile in the XChange Dashboard.
Customize AES|XCHANGE user settings to manage multi-user interactions.


Using a shared chamber is not a problem if you are using AESONE CONNECT security features which decrease test interference with three authentication methods and six permission levels controlled only by the administrator.

The administrator, through the use of a networked chamber, has the ability to assign various access levels: lock, unlock, use-only, read-only, and no access. 

Communication & Control

 You can be assured AES|XCHANGE will integrate easily with other test platforms because it uses standard, well-documented JSON API.