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Driving Innovation, Defying Limits: AES Year in Review


In reflection, 2023 proved to be a year packed with events, successes, and expansions for Associated Environmental Systems (AES). As we look forward to 2024, we’re excited about upcoming innovations and the growth that has led us to where we are today.


Throughout 2023, our commitment to quality and adaptability resonated in our products, publications, and more. 

ATP Adaptable

Building off our patented ATPPRIME, AES saw the need to develop a high-amperage solution for large format batteries, typically seen in EVs, energy grid storage, and more. From this idea, ATPHEAVY was developed. But something more flexible, more adaptable for all solutions, was in demand. Thus, because of its flexible test surface, ATPHEAVY Adaptable was created to accommodate a wider range of large-format cell types and sizes. Users can achieve high-amperage testing needs while also considering future testing needs. 

Today, AES has over 200,000+ active channels deployed in our ATP solutions and 5,000+ active battery test chambers. To showcase our solution and recent growth, AES teamed up with videographers to shoot “The AES Advantage.” Viewers get a sneak peek into this battery testing solution and the engineers behind the scenes. 

ATP- Adaptable Placement

Linus Tech Tips Spotlight

Linus Tech Tips features our products in three videos this year. This team of “professionally curious” experts purchased AES’ SCH-512, the most powerful benchtop humidity test chamber in the world, to demonstrate unboxing and testing the chamber. These videos showcased the capabilities of our chambers. 

Battery Chambers Buyers Guide

Fresh off the press, AES published our latest guide, “How to Buy a Battery Test Chamber.” Our team of full-solution experts with over a decade of experience compiled their knowledge and insights into this comprehensive guide for all customers navigating the battery testing chamber purchasing process. From testing requirements to safety and setup, industries from energy storage applications to pharmaceuticals and more can learn step-by-step what the buying process entails and how to be prepared for your purchase.  

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Events & Recognition

This past year, AES had the opportunity to participate in multiple conferences for the battery testing industries. In March, our team attended the International Battery Seminar in Orlando, Florida, and was recognized as a Best of Show Finalist for our patent-pending ATPHEAVY Adaptable battery fixture. This honorable mention only validated our exceptional innovation and impactful products. 


In September, AES again hit the road to Novi, MI, for The Battery Show North America 2023. E-Mobility Engineering featured the products we showcased and our Vice President of Sales and Service, Aaron Robinson. Attendees were able to get a closer look at our battery safety testing chamber, fully integrated with our ATPHEAVY Adaptable solution. Booth visitors got an in-depth close-up of the versatile test surface and how the solution can adapt to many industries and demanding testing requirements. 

Last but certainly not least, AES made its first appearance at The Advanced Automotive Battery Conference 2023. Attendees from around the country could view and interact with our ATPHEAVY Adaptable as AES team members went into more detail about the Adaptable’s modular board and capabilities specifically for the automotive industry. 

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Battery Testing AdvancementsIMG_6293

New and improved battery technologies such as solid-state batteries, cobalt-free batteries, and zinc-air batteries are rapidly emerging, transforming the environmental testing chamber market. As the world continues to evolve, AES will be ready. While new battery technologies have the potential to be safer and more efficient, these components will need to be properly tested in battery test chambers before they can go to market. Temperature and humidity chambers are predicted to hold the largest share of the test chamber market in 2024. AES prepares to increase standard stock chambers to supply rising demand. 

Growth and Opportunity 

Along with developing ATP and our products, AES continues to expand our engineering and service teams as needed. This year, we established an Eastern Asia Service team, making significant steps in our global presence. This gives our customers in Eastern Asia enhanced accessibility to our products and local support and training. New team members will continue to work to design and construct custom thermal test chambers, temperature chambers, advance the ATP line, and more. Stay tuned for content publications, including white papers, downloads, and articles regarding upcoming tradeshows showcasing updates and resources. 

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We look forward to the future as the chamber door closes on 2023. As industries adapt and change, so will AES. Stay tuned for upcoming innovations. Happy New Year!