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LN2 It’s Not Just For Food But For Your Chamber!

One of the ways that we get the most out of the test chambers that we manufacture is with the addition of a liquid cooled boost system. By using either liquid carbon dioxide or liquid nitrogen, the interior of the test chamber can be instantly brought down to the lower limit via an endothermic reaction. Liquid nitrogen will bring the test chamber down to -180ºC and liquid carbon dioxide will bring the chamber down to -73ºC. Adding a boost system to your test chamber is beneficial for stress screening as well as efficient thermal dissipation. Our test chambers can be outfitted with liquid cooling in two ways. It can be used a boost for a mechanical refrigeration system or it can be used as the primary cooling system in a liquid cooled oven.

As a customer, you can choose to either have a bulk supply or a canister supply of the liquid cooling agent for testing. A bulk supply has higher initial costs but is more cost effective in the long run if you are going to be doing extended testing using a boost cool. Canister supplies are recommended for light testing or for smaller test chambers that use less liquid nitrogen or carbon dioxide.
LN2 it’s not just for food but for your chamber! CO2 Boost