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AES Fuels Innovation at the 2024 International Battery Seminar

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Associated Environmental Systems was excited to return to Orlando, FL, for the 2024 International Battery Seminar from March 12-15. Founded in 1983, the International Seminar & Exhibit is known as the premier event for showcasing state-of-the-art worldwide energy storage technology developments for consumer, automotive, military, grid, and industrial applications. Considered the preferred venue to announce significant developments in new products and to showcase the most advanced battery technology, AES was honored to not only attend but also have Robert Laudisi, Applications/Mechanical Engineer and Key Account Manager, speak at the conference. He presented Increasing Success and Safety, Applying Lean Methodologies to Battery Testing on the Thermal Runaway track. AES was also named a Best of Show Finalist—an exciting achievement for the team!

In total, four AES team members attended the battery conference. Apart from Robert Laudisi, Aaron Robinson, Vice President of Sales and Service, was in attendance along with Mark Pedley, Key Account Manager, and Nick DiCeglie, Key Account Manager. “The International Battery Seminar is an event we always look forward to here at AES. This year, we were excited to showcase the newest developments to our innovative battery test chambers and fixtures,” said Bob Laudisi. AES spotlighted a battery safety test chamber, the patented ATPPRIME, various ATPFLEX set-ups, and the patent-pending ATPHEAVY Adaptable, fully integrated into the chamber with four different variations of different cell formats, sizes, and amperage ratings. 


Built for Safety: AES Battery Test Chambers

AES’s battery test chambers are changing the way testing is approached, and what better way to show the chamber's ability than at the 2024 International Battery Seminar! Attendees were able to view the battery test chamber with battery safety features in person. This chamber keeps operators' safety in mind while putting in preventative and mitigation measures to prevent any thermal runaway from happening inside the chamber. Placing safety as the top priority, AES has dedicated time and resources to designing and engineering a chamber that meets the toughest demands of the industry.


The ATP/Cycler interface panel, located on the back side of the chamber, was also visible to attendees. The panel features isolated terminal posts and isolated turret-style connectors, which are used for connecting current-carrying wires from the cycler and help facilitate easy interfacing with cycler sense wires. This offers a secure location for connections from chamber to cycler and ensures safety and functionality.

Download the AES SAFE: Battery Test Chamber Safety Brochure



The perfect solution for industries in need of a dynamic and versatile chamber, AES battery fixtures ensure flexibility in long-term battery testing solutions in an ever-growing landscape. The groundbreaking ATPHEAVY ADAPTABLE is leading the charge. ATPHEAVY ADAPTABLE’s modular board can be adjusted to accommodate high amperage testing requirements and account for larger pouch, prismatic, and cylindrical cells. At the 2024 International Battery Seminar, attendees got to see the Adaptable integrated into a battery chamber with four variations of how the adaptable can accommodate different cells and amperage requirements. This also showcases how a battery's size and current requirements determine how many channels can fit on each shelf. Each shelf features:

  • The top shelf features a 24-channel clip application rated at 20 A.
  • The second shelf features pouch batteries with opposing tabs encased in pressure plates in a horizontal clamp rated at 250 A.*
  • The third shelf features pouch batteries with same side tabs in a horizontal clamp rated at 250 A*.
  • The bottom shelf features 4 channels of cylindrical cell testing rated at 100 A.

*The second and third shelves can be modified to support 500 A testing, as each 250 A cable can be combined for one channel at 500 A.


Join AES at Upcoming Events

We had a wonderful time in Orlando, and we hope you did too. If you weren’t able to join us, we invite you to come out to Detroit, MI, for The Battery Show North America, from October 8-10. The AES team will be at Booth 4215! Don’t miss out on the upcoming AABC in Las Vegas, NV, from December 9-12. We can’t wait to discuss the future of automotive battery technology with you at Booth 100.  

Before then, we encourage you to view our leading battery test chambers. Our team is readily available to answer any questions you may have and provide guidance for your upcoming chamber purchase. Let’s move forward together.