- Mar 06, 2019

AES Gains UL Status

Pollyanna Sidell - Associated Environmental Systems

TUV certified panel for test chambers manufactured at Associated Environmental Systems

Acton, Mass., March 5th, 2019/ -- Associated Environmental Systems just received certification from TUV Rheinland as the first environmental test chamber manufacturer that can deliver over 100 different test chambers and electrical panels to labs and production plants around the globe that meets to UL 61010-1 and  UL 508A standards. Customers now have choices to bring safer test equipment into their test rooms.

“Our work at AES is not only about building test chambers but creating products that make our customers successful. Offering over 100 chambers that are certified to meet UL 61010 and 508A standards means our customers’ labs and production floors are operating safer.”  

—Beran Peter, CEO, AES

Being UL 61010-1 certified covers safety standards for all AES benchtop temperature and humidity chambers under 10 cu.ft. The TUV/UL certification ensures AES equipment is safe to use in many environments.  For larger chambers, primarily hardwired test chambers, a UL 508A certification ensures the electric panel is configured to the high standards UL and ANSI are known for.


When customers come to Associated Environmental Systems, they can be assured they will get the safest product possible with the TUV Rheinland certification. The UL 508A certification adds floor models, thermal shock and ovens to our impressive list of UL 61010-1 rated environmental test chambers.

Since 1959, AES has designed, manufactured, and supported standard and custom test chambers that meet customers' most demanding lab and production requirements. AES’ robust test chambers simulate hot and cold temperature extremes, humidity conditions, salt spray, and thermal shock. Over the years AES has built a very large and loyal customer base spanning the fields of consumer electronics to nanotechnology battery industries and many more worldwide.

TUV Rheinland is passionate about creating safe, quality, sustainable products, “Choose certainty. Add Value.” is their core mission statement behind the standard certifications provided. AES is proud to be certified by a company that has similar core values: to help make customer's products be the best that they can be. Stronger, faster, safer, longer-lasting.

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