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National Engineers Week: Paving the Way for a Brighter Future

Happy National Engineers Week! From February 18-24, 2024, we love celebrating the spectacular achievements of engineers at AES and nationwide. At the forefront of innovation, engineering paves the way for a brighter future, and environmental testing engineers specifically help create a more technologically advanced world. This year, Associated Environmental Systems (AES) is excited to spotlight Senior Mechanical Engineer and CAD Administrator Craig Martland.

Meet Craig: Environmental Chamber Engineer

CraigPhoto 1: Pictured Craig. From right to left is the Keck 2 Telescope, Keck 1 Telescope, and Subaru Telescope. The island of Maui rising out of the sea in the background.

An Engineer of Many Capabilities

A designer and builder, Craig performs diverse tasks at AES. As a Senior Mechanical Engineer, Craig works on all mechanical parts of the chamber, specializing in large and custom units (chambers above 13 cu ft.). Working closely with each customer, he oversees a variety of needs, such as piping and framing, structural design and build of each chamber, and more. He works closely with other refrigeration and electrical engineers to plan where the components will all fit into the chamber, no matter the size. His commitment to precision and attention to detail echoes excellent results in each project he is involved with. 

Guided by Experience

Craig’s vast experience has led him to where he is today. Having previously worked within the aerospace and supply chain industries and more, Craig has developed the skills necessary to work on large-scale products successfully across vast industries. Most recently, Craig went to W. M. Keck Observatory on Maunakea, Hawaiʻi, for AES to complete test chamber installation work. Upon stepping into the Observatory, one of the world's most productive ground-based observatories, he knew this unique space would provide amazing opportunities and difficult challenges. 

20231205_102151Photo 2: It is a rare event that the telescope shutters are open during the day, but Craig was able to experience the beautiful view.

Keck Observatory has additional equipment that requires controlled temperature testing. Although the equipment is highly revolutionary, Craig quickly realized that the installation would be quite complex as he would have to navigate the lab space, logistics, and the Observatory’s time schedule. After surveying the location and meeting with their team, he was able to help plan and design the enclosure. His thoroughness led to understanding their applications and mechanical set-up needs and design. 

20231205_113013Photo 3: An inside look at the telescope showing the inside of the dome wall and the tube structure that holds the secondary mirror (seen on the left) in position. The primary mirror is out of view on the right side.

Examining the Future Through an Engineering Lens

The insight Craig gained from this experience gave him the perspective he needed for upcoming projects, including one for a leading aerospace company. This aerospace company requires a thermal shock chamber that complies with industry standards and has a flexible design. Achieving both temp and uniformity can be challenging for engineers, as lead time, complexity, and downtime are major challenges to overcome. Craig is confident, though, that his experience and the excellent team behind him at AES can produce a powerful testing chamber. 

Craig believes that the future of engineering within the environmental testing industry and the future of AES looks bright. AES’s strong involvement in battery technology places them at the forefront of innovation as the automotive industry rapidly transforms. As countless other industries continue to shift, AES will continue to be present, providing cutting-edge technology that propels industries to a better tomorrow. Get in touch with a sales engineer today to learn how Craig and the entire AES team can support your visionary dreams. 

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