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AES Environmental Test Chambers

Find the Environmental Test Chamber You Need Below:

SC-512-SAFE New color

Temperature Only

Conduct testing for precise temperature control and uniformity.

Workspace Range: 2 to 264 cu ft

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Temperature & Humidity

Conduct temperature and humidity cycling and steady-state testing.

Workspace Range: 2 to 96 cu ft

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SD-SAFE new color

Battery Test Chambers

AES's battery testing chambers with added safety features to keep you safe up to EUCAR 7 enable you to test nearly any battery cell type in controlled conditions.

Workspace Range: 8 and 12 cu ft

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Thermal Shock

Feature two compartments enabling you to test products under two independent temperature extremes.

Workspace Range: 2 to 8 cu ft

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Salt Spray

Enable you to test the corrosive-resistance of your products using a salt mist under a constant temperature.

Workspace Range: 4 to 16 cu ft

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Laboratory & Liquid Cooled Ovens

Capable of providing highly stable, controlled, forced hot air circulation to meet your testing needs.

Workspace Range: 0.69 to 64 cu ft

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Designed to accommodate large products, including vehicles, other forms of transportation, or high volumes of products.

Workspace Range: 264 to 1,122 cu ft

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Custom- Chamber


Our engineers can modify existing test chambers or design completely custom units for your specific desires.

Workspace Range: Custom

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