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Secure the future of energy storage performance.

Environmental test chambers, particularly battery test chambers, are vital to the energy storage industry to ensure the reliability, safety, and performance of energy storage systems under diverse conditions. To rigorously test battery cells, modules, and packs, these chambers simulate a wide range of environmental factors, such as temperature extremes, humidity, and pressure variations. This comprehensive testing identifies potential weaknesses and validates the robustness of energy storage solutions before they reach the market.

As the demand for reliable and efficient energy storage systems grows, especially with the rise of renewable energy sources and electric vehicles, the importance of thoroughly testing and validating battery performance in controlled environments increases. Rigorous testing helps manufacturers guarantee that their products can withstand real-world conditions, thereby enhancing consumer confidence and advancing the overall sustainability of energy storage technologies.

Associated Environmental Systems (AES) is a leader in the battery testing industry, renowned for its innovative and high-quality testing solutions. With a range of patented and patent-pending technologies, AES provides advanced battery testing capabilities that set industry standards. Their state-of-the-art test chambers and systems are designed to meet the evolving needs of the energy storage sector, ensuring that batteries are safe, durable, and efficient in various environmental conditions.

Test Chambers for Energy Storage: Talk to an Expert

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Battery Testing for Energy Storage

Energy Grid Storage Manufacturers rely on battery test chambers to simulate climates that affect grid storage systems. AES is patented for a system for the high-density testing of batteries within an environmental test chamber. We offer patented and patent-pending battery testing solutions that are equipped to grow alongside the fast-paced battery testing industries. We custom-tailor these fixtures specifically to your battery testing needs. Rest assured that AES is your innovation ally throughout your process, and we are ready for the challenges of the road ahead. 


High Capacity Battery Testing


The patent-pending ATPHEAVY ADAPTABLE is designed to accommodate larger capacity and higher current cells. The test surface allows for a modular design with interchangeable plates to support different cell sizes and current requirements of pouch, prismatic, and cylindrical cells. This solution will be custom molded to your cells, and be versatile incase of future shifts.

Integrated Battery Testing System


Our battery testing fixtures seamlessly integrate within our battery safety chambers. Rated up to EUCAR Hazard level 7, our battery test chambers keep in mind operator safety. They are designed first to prevent and then mitigate in case of a battery thermal event. 


Relevant Environmental Test Chambers

SC-512 SAFE Double Stack

Battery Test Chamber

AES's battery testing chambers with added safety features to keep you safe up to EUCAR 7 enable you to test nearly any battery cell type in controlled conditions.

Double stack options available

Workspace Range: 8 and 12 cu ft

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Temperature Only

Conduct testing for precise temperature control and uniformity. Benchtop, stackable, and walk-in room options.

Workspace Range: 2 to 264 cu ft

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SC SCH 512 Temp or Temp with Humidity Chamber

Temperature & Humidity

Conduct temperature and humidity cycling testing. Benchtop, stackable, and walk-in room options. 

Workspace Range: 2 to 96 cu ft

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Thermal Shock

testing products from one temperature extreme to the other. 

Workspace Range: 1.5 to 264 cu ft

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Relevant Standards

  • UL 9540A
  • IEC 61427-1, 62133 
  • SAE J2464
  • IEE 1625
  • UN 38.3