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AES Makes Sure Your Handheld Device Works When You Need It

Handheld device designers and manufacturers of smartphones, PDAs, and handheld electronic games use AES environmental test chambers to test devices, materials, internal components, and batteries. Most handheld electronic devices run on lithium-ion batteries. These batteries are very sensitive to high temperatures, moisture, and humidity. They require stringent environmental testing. AES environmental test chambers provide hot and cold temperature extremes and variations, humidity variations, and salt spray, assuring that handheld electronic devices are reliable and work to their full capacity. By introducing new lithium-ion batteries to a variety of simulated environmental conditions, it allows for a wider variety of chemical make ups to be tested in a shorter amount of time. This decrease in testing time allows for innovation to grow at a faster rate, providing better and better products to consumers. Engineers are able to test how a battery charges, discharges, and holds a charge at a variety of real world conditions. Everyone wants a phone with a battery that lasts forever in all conditions and with environmental testing, that may be in our future one day soon.