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It’s All in the Batteries: What the Future of Electric Vehicles Looks Like

Associated Environmental Systems works with worldwide automotive leaders to engineer and manufacture innovative battery testing solutions. Founded in 2011, Sila Nano has partnered with such Tier 1 automakers, such as BMW and Daimler. In addition, Berdichevsky’s company has also partnered with Amperex Technology Limited (ATL), the leading producer of lithium-ion batteries for consumer devices.

Associated Environmental Systems, supports battery development worldwide and works with leading automotive companies to engineer and manufacture innovative battery testing systems.  The ATP system allows researchers to test more cells by offering 48 channels in an 8 cu. ft. space.  The system allows for testing multiple chemical combinations with redundancy.  Being able to test coin cells in the lab and then swap out the coin holder for cylindrical holders with a simple click makes scaling a smooth transition.

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