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Associated Environmental Systems Issued Patent for ATPPRIME

ATPPRIME in the chamber

The patent, filed in 2019, covers a system for high density testing of batteries within an environmental test chamber.

Acton, MA. – September 8, 2022 — Associated Environmental Systems, a leading manufacturer of environmental test chambers and battery test fixtures, has been issued a patent for ATPPRIME, a system for the high density testing of batteries within an environmental test chamber.

First introduced in 2018 as part of the All Test Platform (ATP) series, ATPPRIME enables users to charge and discharge batteries in controlled environments for research, development, and production purposes.

“The ATPPRIME patent further advances AES’s differentiation from competition in the industry by setting the standard for cutting-edge battery testing fixtures,” says Michael Shirley, CEO of Associated Environmental Systems. “We are excited to continue innovating testing solutions and can’t wait to share what comes next.”

“The issued patent demonstrates AES’s commitment to developing the battery testing industry and continuing innovation in this fast-growing field,” says Brock Kenyon, CTO at Associated Environmental Systems.


The All Test Platform (ATP) provides a safe and easy way to test batteries within an environmental test chamber. ATPPRIME enables rapid changing of batteries and battery types between tests, and provides the highest density per square foot of environmental test chamber space available for battery testing. ATPPRIME combines multiple components critical for battery testing into a configurable, scalable, safe, high density battery testing platform.

The key features of ATPPRIME include the following:

  • The ability to test many battery types in a single fixture.
  • The ability to change from one style of holder to another or support multiple configurations for virtually any cell type: coin, cylindrical, prismatic, pouch, and pack.
  • The integrated Battery Interface Boards (BIB) ensure that precise, strong charge and discharge data signals are transmitted from each cell to the user’s battery cycler.
  • Easy-access sliding shelves that provide safe battery insertion into the test environment with no external disconnect required.
  • Up to four custom-engineered epoxy shelves maintain flat surfaces, distributed airflow, and optimal configuration.

About Associated Environmental Systems

Associated Environmental Systems has designed and manufactured test chambers and battery testing fixtures that meet organizations’ most demanding requirements for more than 60 years.

As society’s reliance on faster-charging, longer-lasting, and higher-performing batteries has increased across a range of industries, AES has developed the All Test Platform to support companies’ battery research, development, and production. The ATP series includes patented ATPPRIME, ATPFLEX (battery testing fixtures that can be added to existing chambers), and patent-pending ATPHEAVY (battery testing fixtures for large format and prismatic cells, capable of testing up to 1000 amps per channel).

AES’s extensive customer base spans the fields of aerospace, pharmacology, electronics, automotive, semiconductors, computers, and additional industries around the world.