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The Benefit of Integrated Battery Testing Fixtures Inside an Environmental Test Chamber


Effective battery testing solutions are essential to the advancement of technology. Associated Environmental Systems (AES) understands this need, which is why each of our battery testing solutions works with progress, not against it. Our integrated battery testing fixtures—unique to AES—enable industries, from EVs to pharmaceuticals and many more, to find the best testing solution for their industries. So regardless of your cell format or size, ideal channel count, or floor space, AES’s  ATP® series (ATPPRIME, ATPHEAVY, ATP Adaptable, and ATPFLEX) provides solutions for any situation. Find out how.

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Adaptive Testing Benefits of the ATP® Series

1. Flexibility

Battery test integration systems have dominant, unwavering features: flexibility and adaptability. As technology advances and new cell formats are discovered, the need for flexible testing becomes apparent. When it becomes essential for your product to go through battery testing, purchasing a battery test chamber with an integrated, adaptable fixture gives you the flexibility needed to switch your testing with ongoing demands. With our ATP series, we can accommodate various cell formats, sizes, channel counts, and amperage requirements without having to purchase a new chamber each time your testing requirements change—our capabilities save companies valuable time and money and allow for continually expanding test chamber abilities. 

2. Convenience

AES battery testing integration fixtures contain multiple full-extension shelves capable of testing a number of cells across four shelves. Our solution gives you the ability to test more cells at various configurations at once while maintaining proper balance inside the chamber. For example, ATPHEAVY ADAPTABLE’s universal terminals on both sides of the fixture allow customers to switch battery holders to account for different current requirements or different cell formats. That means you can diversify the cell and channel These shelves can easily slide in and out, allowing for safe and easy access to each connector and test surface optimization for various battery sizes and cell types. All cables and wires are labeled and neatly organized through our IGUS track to easily communicate with your chosen cycler. Flexible high-amperage testing is made possible. 

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3. Compatibility

AES is proud to serve you as a full solution provider. We make our solution easy for cycler compatibility and integration, providing direct communication about the health of your battery cell while undergoing testing. Whether you require a benchtop temperature test chamber—capable of being the most powerful benchtop chamber in the world—or a walk-in chamber, ATPPRIME, ATPHEAVY, ATP Adaptable, and ATPFLEX can accommodate a variety of pouch, prismatic, cylindrical, and coin batteries reliably and consistently. 

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Find a Battery Testing Fixture for Your Needs

For your next purchase with AES, chat with one of our sales engineers to get started. Tell us more about your innovative product and how we can best support you. Our integrative battery testing solutions and environmental test chambers provide unparalleled benefits that keep you moving forward.