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Tailoring Stock Options to Your Unique Requirements

Associated Environmental Systems (AES) understands your needs. Whether you are hoping to meet certain industry standards or are trying to test within a small lab space, we’re here to help. For your ongoing needs, we have in stock environmental test chambers that can be tailored to meet your regulations. 

Ready-to-Go In-Stock Environmental Test Chambers

Currently, AES has 50+ chambers in stock, but we’re always adding more diverse options weekly. We update our stock page weekly on our website, so you can always stay up to date on which chambers are available. As soon as you’re prepared to purchase, we’ll deliver your chosen chamber to you. 

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Test Chamber Components

If you’re looking for enhancements made to your chosen in-stock test chamber, AES can accommodate a variety of needs. Consider the following:

  • Floor stand (single or double if purchasing two chambers)
  • Water recirculation cart
  • Water demineralized cartridge 
  • High humidity sensor (with the ability to reach 98% humidity) 
  • Desiccant air dryer to reach lower RH
  • Additional shelves 
  • Chart recorders options

Additionally, if you’re hoping to have further accommodations, such as alternative power or modifying/adding additional ports, we will need to send those requests to our engineering department. After discussion and evaluation, we will let you know if your request is possible. We do our best to accommodate your unique testing needs.

Meet Us in Person

Let us know which chamber you would like to purchase, and we’ll work diligently to meet your deadlines. If you happen to be interested in a standard in-stock test chamber with no accommodations, come visit us in person! If you happen to be on the West Coast, stop by our West Coast showroom open for you to view our chambers, pick one out, and take one or more home with you that day. Meet with our sales and service teams to learn about their passion for environmental test chambers. Our newest additions to our product lines are fueled by what industry leaders are trying to accomplish. If you are curious about test chamber maintenance or environmental chamber prices, we can provide answers to lingering questions.

Leading Test Chamber Manufacturer

So, what type of in-stock chamber are you looking for? What accommodations can we supply for you? We are a leading environmental test chamber manufacturer who can’t wait to help. Get started by browsing our products and chatting with a sales engineer today!