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Guard Your Brand: The Power of In-House Battery Testing

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A healthy brand reputation is essential for any organization. It can draw in leads and boost sales, giving you an advantage against your competitors. A thriving brand reputation can be difficult, though, as new and upcoming products can pivot the trajectory of brand success. 

For companies that rely on battery testing to bring a product to market, avoid the pitfalls of outsourced testing and guard your brand with in-house battery testing. Your organization deserves the right to have more control and efficiency and save on costs. Whether you’re a pharmaceutical company, EV manufacturer, or consumer electronics company, Associated Environmental Systems (AES) can provide the tools that give you the liberty to test when and how you want. 


Take Control of Your Battery Testing

When companies outsource battery testing, they lose the ability to test freely. Instead, they depend on a partner to complete the testing without clear visibility into each step of the battery testing process. With in-house testing, though, organizations can definitively test independently, giving control back into their hands.

With outsourced testing, you are on a schedule you cannot control, which can be frustrating if deadlines get pushed. When issues are discovered during testing, design flaws will dramatically increase testing costs. If there is a potential that you have to start from ground zero or restart testing, this will not only increase the cost but also cause testing lead times to be out of your control, possibly delaying your product even more from your anticipated launch date. Given the inherent risks associated with improperly tested batteries, especially those subject to recalls, there's a critical safety concern for your consumers. When end-users encounter problems or potential recalls, it is your brand at risk, not the testing house you outsourced to. Acquiring your own battery test chamber and testing setup empowers you to identify and address supplier failures before they impact your consumers.

Claim Efficiency 

Companies that outsource their testing often find that the process and the results could have been more efficient. This is true for battery testing and across the spectrum of environmental chamber testing, from temperature chambers to humidity chambers. Companies place their brand at risk by outsourcing. 

With an in-house test chamber, such as one from AES, brands have an excellent opportunity to improve efficiency and understand their products better. You also have the manufacturer's support if any issues arise. For example, organizations can shift from testing their products in oversized chambers to smaller chambers. Testing in smaller chambers can speed up the process by optimizing floor space while maintaining battery testing safety, ergonomics, and your desired testing requirements. Customers even have the option to double stack benchtop chambers to double the channel count while optimizing footprint.

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Invest Your Finances Where They Matter Most

Although battery cell testing is critical for companies, it is expensive. Outsourced testing drowns organizations with high fixed costs, including personnel and equipment. Oftentimes, outsourced facilities cannot accommodate changes in battery testing requirements, leading companies to the headache of either starting over or feeling strapped in with routine fees that hurt them financially. 

AES’s in-house battery testing chambers offer a different solution—a long-term solution that provides flexibility and cuts down on long-term costs. Our battery-testing solutions through the ATP series provide adaptable fixtures that accommodate ongoing changes without requiring companies to waste time and money. By purchasing a testing solution that meets your continuous needs, you can intermittently test out a new product design or bring your product back into R&D at any point in time without having costly effects and major schedule changes. By keeping up with preventative maintenance and routine calibrations, a battery test chamber can last for 10 years or longer. This would significantly reduce costs in the future, having already purchased an adaptable battery testing solution. 

Purchase Your In-House Battery Test Chamber

At AES, we’re here to help you with your testing needs now and in the future. We place your brand’s safety and concerns first and foremost, and we’re dedicated to providing you with high-quality testing equipment. For your next battery test chamber, choose the in-house route. Take control of your brand’s reputation and place your time and effort into an adaptable solution. Our team of battery testing specialists will listen to your needs and discover the right course of action. Reach out to an AES sales engineer today to get started!