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Test Chamber Use Cases



AES is proud to offer fully-customizable, environmental test chambers made to meet your needs. You get to work with a dedicated sales manager and AES engineers that love to tweak the old and redesign the new. AES engineers regularly modify existing standard test chambers with custom options specified and configured by your ideas or can design utterly custom test chambers to fit perfectly within your test parameters.

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Research is essential for the technology and engineering activities required to advance the design and development of products. Companies in almost every industry rely on research and development (R&D) to plan, design, and deliver new, innovative products. Associated Environmental Systems manufactures environmental test chambers to accommodate various aspects of R&D. Some examples are: laboratory research, design of possible product alternatives, testing in search for or evaluation of product alternatives, construction, and testing of pre-production prototypes.

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A product's reliability is based on measuring its stability and performance during a period of time under specific test conditions. AES test chambers are designed to enable our customers to conduct reliability and quality testing that guarantee the optimum operation and durability of their products. Reliability testing in an AES environmental test chamber makes it possible to examine the product's ability to endure environmental extremes as well as performance during or after subjection to particular or multiple environments, including the product's anticipated operational environment.

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Reliability Testing

Throughout the manufacturing process, functional testing verifies that the finished product conforms to its required specifications and validates product resilience. AES environmental test chambers are aligned with best production practices by verifying that an established set of product conditions and/or standards are met. This type of testing greatly reduces the risk of unexpected and costly product failures after the product has been released. Environmental testing of products also makes it possible to predict their life expectancy, set realistic customer expectations, and create cost-effective warranties. The result is increased customer satisfaction, reduced costs, and improved profitability.

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Quality assurance and quality control ensure the excellence of a product. Many products, components, and parts in different industries have specific environmental quality requirements. These requirements may be regulatory or may be an important aspect of the design or manufacturing specifications. AES environmental test chambers are used to measure whether quality requirements are met in different environmental conditions.