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Introducing the Battery Chambers Buyers Guide

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Battery Test Chambers

Say hello to our newest guide! Fresh off the press, Associated Environmental Systems (AES) is proud to announce the publication of “How to Buy a Battery Test Chamber.” With over a decade of experience in the field, our team of full-solution experts have compiled their knowledge and insights in this comprehensive guide designed for all customers navigating the battery testing chamber purchasing process. 

From testing requirements to safety and setup, industries need to take a thorough approach to buying a battery test chamber. The precision taken protects industries and end users and provides guidance for future products. We invite you to learn more about how our Buyers Guide can best support industries, to name a few:

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Consumer Electronics

With their predominant employment of lithium-ion battery technology, consumer electronics companies that make devices such as smartphones, laptops, and wearable gadgets continuously look for battery testing solutions. While smart devices bring convenience to our lives, they can pose a serious safety risk. Our latest Buyers Guide contains expert insight into how AES prioritizes battery testing safety. Within our Guide, you’ll have the opportunity to explore multiple options to meet your specific regulatory requirements and risk level. Discover not just each of our battery test chamber safety features but their value, which proves the true potential and limitations of your product. 

Electronic Vehicles (EVs)

EVs are transforming the way we move. However, This metamorphosis requires heavy battery testing to ensure reliable performance and safety. EVs are highly subject to all outdoor environments and demand extensive testing methods, making choosing the right battery test chamber essential. Within our latest Buyers Guide, EV companies can review AES’ battery chamber design methodology and how we help customers determine which chamber is ideal based on necessary testing requirements. Should you need an enhanced battery test solution adaptable to the ever-changing industry, explore our additional features and integrations, including our battery fixtures.

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Energy Storage Applications

Energy storage systems generate high value, from flywheels and thermal storage to grid operators, which reduce costs to end users. However, These innovative applications are often exposed to various temperatures and humidity, making environmentally controlled testing systems pivotal to their success. Learn more about how AES can support your company in deciding confidently which type of battery testing procedure is needed to test your application effectively. Explore important factors, such as cell geometry, density and lab footprint, dynamic load, and more. 

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Ready to dive in? Feeling more prepared when selecting an environmental chamber for battery testing will help alleviate the stress of battery testing. Whether you’re in the aerospace or pharmaceutical industries, understanding the process before buying a battery test chamber is crucial. Our Guide will touch on the following topics:

  • Choosing The Right Battery Test Chamber
  • Gathering Testing Requirements
  • Reviewing Options From Manufacturer
  • Safety Review And Facilities
  • Additional Features And Integrations
  • Delivery, Setup, And Service

Read through our in-depth Buyers Guide and contact our team, should you have any questions. Let AES help guide you to the perfect battery testing solution.