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Environmental Testing for Large Format Batteries in Electric Vehicles


The future of electric vehicles dominates conversations in the transportation industry. With the ability to reduce carbon emissions, and be more energy efficient, EVs can help create a more sustainable environment. These capabilities, along with heightened range anxiety from EV owners, have created a surge in demand for affordable EVs and new battery technology that enables cars to drive longer and further per battery charge than ever before. 

Major automotive manufacturers are implementing radical goals to stay ahead of the curve. These goals are designed to help them beat the competition and also help drive communities to a greener world, which the Biden administration itself is also cheerleading, limiting the amount of pollution allowed from vehicle tailpipes. At Associated Environmental Systems (AES), our leading environmental chambers for battery testing can help. We’ve created a suite of battery testing solutions to address the needs of a constantly evolving EV landscape. Learn more about how we can support your needs. 

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EV Goals for a Sustainable Future

The numerous benefits of driving EVs are pushing automotive manufacturers to take significant steps to invest in these vehicles. Recently, BMW came out with new goals, focusing on reducing 40% of carbon emissions, increasing resource efficiency, and substantially improving social and environmental standards by 2030. The hope is that the components of BMW EVs can be recycled and reused for production, avoiding the consumption of primary materials. 

BMW isn’t the only manufacturer that has announced new sustainable goals. Nissan is also navigating its team and communities to a greener future. Its two primary goals are to achieve net-zero emissions through product innovation and to improve road facilities. Having already exceeded its goal of reducing 40% emissions, Nissan continues to be seen as a pioneer in the EV space and strives to reach European EV adoption targets five years early. 

Battery Test Chambers for Electric Vehicles

As manufacturers worldwide work to support our environment and provide affordable options to consumers, battery test chambers will be the key to bringing innovative products to market. Rigorously testing your batteries to ensure performance, safety, and reliability is crucial to expanding the EV industry and reaching goals. AES is here to help you do just that. 

AES’s Role in Battery Technology in the EV Landscape

Large-format battery technology, such as the ones in EVs, is consistently adapting. From grid-scale battery storage systems (BSS) to LFP cathodes, emerging battery technologies are changing the game for EV manufacturers. AI is even becoming a part of the equation. At AES, our safe and reliable battery test chambers and battery fixtures offer expert solutions for your EV battery testing needs. 

The groundbreaking battery fixture, ATPHEAVY Adaptable, is leading the charge. ATPHEAVY Adaptable’s modular board can be adjusted to accommodate your cells. The modular surface can accommodate high amperage testing requirements and account for larger pouch, prismatic, and cylindrical cells. Capable of being integrated with our SC-512-SAFE, a cutting-edge benchtop environmental chamber with safety features. The features of a fully integrated battery test chamber with an adaptable battery testing fixture are:

  • An adaptable solution that can grow with your testing, and change depending on changing testing requirements.
  • Channels and wiring, clearly labeled channels, and cable wiring and routed through the IGUS track. Easy-sliding shelves to access cells after testing. 
  • A built-in Battery Interface Board (BIB) ensures a secure connection and accurate charge and discharge readings and data collection. 
  • A control panel that operates your chamber and communicates with AESONE CONNECT, to remotely monitor chamber activity from anywhere.
  • Optimized to AES SAFE, a new standard of battery safety features are available to meet your test severity, including nitrogen purge, inert gas pressure vent, ventilation blower, and more.

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