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Custom Test Chambers Made for You

AES is proud to offer fully-customizable, environmental test chambers made to meet your needs. You get to work with a dedicated sales manager and AES engineers that love to tweak the old and redesign the new. AES engineers regularly modify existing standard test chambers with custom options specified and configured by your ideas or can design utterly custom test chambers to fit perfectly within your test parameters.

The benefit to you is a test chamber solution that truly optimizes your test resources, processes, and goals, ultimately getting you the information you need, when you need it.

icon_Hot  Temp Range -73ºC (-99°F) to 200ºC (392°F)   icon_Humidity  Humidity Range 10% to 90%   icon_Floor Workspaces Range from 0.5 to 12,000+ cu.ft.


AES will get you what you need.


The video below is an inside look at the design methodology at Associated Environmental Systems' when custom test chambers move through the process.



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Custom Chamber Features such as:

  • A custom temperature test chamber built with access for a roll-in vibration table
  • A thermal shock test chamber with additional ambient compartment between the hot and cold workspaces
  • A lab oven with bi-parting doors
  • Custom chamber with a vibration table and guillotine door
  • Ports of all shapes, locations, and configurations
  • Sizes of all kinds and shapes that build chambers within chambers
  • Removable electrical compartments and compressor units
  • Portable units for conditioning any workspace anywhere
  • Safe content access with a port-and-window configuration supporting an enclosed fume hood-style glove box
  • Seamless faces and inner wraps without crevices for sterilization needs
  • Uninterrupted tests ensured by electro-magnetic safety door lock

Why Choose Associated Environmental Systems?

While other chamber manufacturers may run from your requirements, Associated Environmental Systems has never avoided an opportunity to innovate.  With 60 plus years of experience Associated Environmental Systems has continued to embrace custom chambers, whether its additional ports to non-standard sizes, we have the manufacturing and engineering know how to provide you with the best solution.  Precise temperature and humidity control to outstanding customer service experts we will always have your back.

When customers use Associated Environmental Systems test chambers, they can be assured they will get the safest product possible with the TUV Rheinland certification. The UL 508A certification adds large chambers with electrical panels to our impressive list of UL 61010-1 certified smaller environmental test chambers.

We work with you during the entire design and build process, making sure every aspect of the chamber is considered and we are very mindful of factors that affect influence our device performance. Variables which may affect ramp up and pull down times are the test chamber size, temperature range and power of the heating or refrigeration system.

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