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Ensure a Smooth Chamber Installation Process With AES

AdobeStock_575923287Associated Environmental Systems (AES) recently published our latest white paper, “Ensure a Smooth Chamber Installation Process With AES.” We’re excited to share this comprehensive white paper that provides customers with tips, recommendations, and guidance from our leading team of environmental test chamber service experts. Whether you’re an experienced customer or this is your first time acquiring a testing chamber, AES can help ensure a successful installation process.

Environmental testing chambers are increasingly in high demand. The global environmental test chambers market was estimated at USD 946.6 million in 2022 and is projected to grow at a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 3.0% from 2023 to 2030. This surge in growth shows an increase in demand because industries are looking for ways to test products and ensure what they're producing is innovative and safe. To start testing as quickly as possible, our white paper welcomes readers to learn more about important considerations at each step of the process. More than anything, we want you to avoid costly mistakes that can keep you from getting your products to market. 

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The Importance of Test Chamber Purchase Considerations

Chambers can be smaller or bigger than anticipated. Before a chamber ever arrives, it’s important to understand the dimensions of the chamber fully. Within our white paper, we explain how beneficial it is to speak with an AES sales engineer to walk through your lab space setup. An engineer can strategize with you to navigate how to get the chamber indoors and be prepared for any potential issues. With a strong belief in lean design, we will most likely recommend a smaller test chamber, such as a benchtop environmental test chamber, that saves the company lab space while maintaining safety and ergonomics.

Apart from dimensions, understanding the technological needs of a chamber before making a purchase is essential. You’ll want a clear idea of the appropriate electrical power and voltage requirements to avoid malfunction or needing to purchase an adaptor. If applicable, you’ll also want to be aware of the technological needs of the remote refrigeration section or remote air-cooled condenser. We recommend that you consult an AES team member to learn more. 

How to Prepare for Test Chamber Arrival and Installation

Your test chamber may arrive soon, but what comes next? Our newest white paper has answers to those related questions. While preparing for test chamber arrival, it’s important to make sure the ideal ambient temperature for the lab space is ready. If the temperature is not properly maintained, the test chamber is stressed to work harder to regulate its workspace temperature. Additionally, be sure the area where the chamber will reside is prepared and have a plan to get it into the lab. Be sure to factor in power, water, compressed air, and room for an ethernet cable where the chamber will be placed. 

Understanding which components are necessary to safely and securely place your chamber will make the installation process much easier. Our white paper discusses the proper steps, from inspecting the test chamber to inputting the correct quality of water. AES recommends avoiding double-distilled, triple-distilled, and deionized water, if possible.

Getting the Chamber Ready for Testing

Powering up environmental test chambers is one of the most exciting steps of the installation process. Our white paper breaks down each step you should consider, from checking power requirements to turning on the chamber. The majority of AES’s standard chambers are considered plug-and-play, which alleviates stress since the chamber is already tailored to individual building requirements.

Purchasing a test chamber from AES gives you access to our revolutionary AESONE CONNECT. You can view and operate your environmental testing chambers on a full-screen monitor on a desktop or using a laptop or tablet using the AESONE CONSOLE customizable dashboard. The white paper explains how to connect your chamber to enable remote monitoring that lets you view real-time readings, control your chamber’s temperature and humidity, see historical data, and stop testing at any time. While other environmental test chamber manufacturers charge extra for this unique feature, AES typically includes it at no extra cost.

Read Our New White Paper

At every step, AES is dedicated to supporting you. We invite you to read our white paper to learn more about our involvement with the environmental chamber installation process. If you have additional questions on set up and battery test chamber installation or are looking for more insight about purchasing a battery chamber, check out our Battery Chambers Buyers Guide. We can’t wait to service your next environmental test chamber. 

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